Christian Bale and Chris Hemsworth, transformation of Batman and Thor

  • Christian Bale y Chris HemsworthKnown for playing Batman and Thor respectively, they physically over-prepared themselves in their transformations for their superhero roles.
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    Christian Bale y Chris Hemsworth they made the same mistake while preparing the transformation for their superhero roles as Batman in DC and Thor in the MCU respectively. Landing superhero roles should be an exhilarating experience for actors, and after all, this means entering a multi-million dollar franchise, which could launch their careers into a sea of ​​opportunities. However, that comes at a cost, of course. Playing a character straight out of the comics – be it a god, an alien, or a superman – requires getting in shape. But sometimes, actors overcommit and take it too far … As in these two cases.

    One of them is Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, the Norse god of thunder. The recently published book The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, shares that Hemsworth went through an extreme physical transformation. For Thor, he got so fat that his suit no longer fitted him well, and the film’s costume team had to make last-minute adjustments to avoid production delays. That was proof of Hemsworth’s commitment to looking like his comic book counterpart.

    Not surprisingly, Hemsworth was not the first actor to exceed physical expectations for his role as a superhero. Christian Bale He also went through the same struggle when he donned the famous bat-suit in Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed ‘Batman Begins’, which gave way to ‘The Dark Knight’. At that time, Bale had just finished filming ‘The Machinist’, in which he lost more than 18 kilos to play the scrawny title character. In just six months, he put on 45 kilos to prepare for the role of superhero. So before filming began, he was informed that he had to lose 20 pounds as it became bigger than Nolan’s vision of the Batman character. Unlike Hemsworth, who modified the suit, Bale had to tone down his diet and focus on cardio exercises to achieve his goal.


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    Bale has always been praised for his commitment to altering his physical appearance for a role – he does it again in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, where they will share the screen for the first time. In fact, after Batman Begins, he had to lose weight again. He returned to playing Batman and Bruce Wayne in the sequel The Dark Knight, but by then it was easier for him to regain his weight and muscle strength. In addition, his suit was also modified to accommodate more agile and flexible movements. For the last film in the Dark Knight trilogy, Bale didn’t have the same physique, but he still worked, as his appearance matched the character’s status in the universe.

    Aside from going beyond the physical transformation required for their respective roles, Hemsworth and Bale have much more in common. In addition to their extraordinary acting skills, they both share a passion for bringing these comic book characters to life. Obviously, they have succeeded, as the names Christian Bale and Chris Hemsworth are now synonymous with Batman and Thor respectively, setting their respective patterns for you in the franchises as fan favorites and blockbusters. No wonder then that Comic book fans are excited to see these actors together in the MCU’s next entry ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. There, Christian Bale will be Gorr the God Butcher, the villain of the film.

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