Cameron Douglas’ confession and painful memory of his grandfather Kirk Douglas

Cameron Douglas He tries to cope with the loss of his grandfather and mentor. Kirk Douglas. The eldest son of Michael Douglas confesses dejected in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Losing it is one of those things that even when you see it coming, I was 103 years old, it’s still hard“He says.” I am consoled by the pride of having been his grandson and having had the opportunity to spend so much time with him. ”


A week after his goodbye – Kirk Douglas died on February 5 at his home in Los Angeles surrounded by the love of his family – Cameron has dedicated these emotional words to the one who was his maximum support in the most dramatic episode of his life: “He was always there, always supported me and believed in me, even when I had thrown in the towel myself. “, says Cameron in reference to his terrible addiction to drugs and the six years he spent in prison for drug trafficking. “He was always sure that I would get over it and he made sure that I knew about it.”adds the son of Diandra Douglas, who felt the great support of his grandfather during all the years in which he was estranged from his father.

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Cameron managed to overcome his addictions and today he follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather in the world of cinema. Michael Douglas’ eldest son married and is the father of a girl, Lua Izzy, with whom the patriarch of the Douglas clan enjoyed until the last day and his face lit up when he saw her. Kirk’s grandson confesses that he moved to Los Angeles to be closer to the star of Spartacus. “In the past two years, I moved about 15 minutes from [Kirk y Anne Buydens] and I’ve spent a lot of time with him, bringing my daughter and Vivian (her partner) on the weekends, “says Cameron who assures that”Just looking at the bond that existed between my daughter and my grandfather was extremely special. “


After being released from prison, Cameron began his acting career and Kirk never doubted his talent, indeed, he encouraged him to fight to follow in his footsteps. “That says a lot about how important he was in my life and my desire to resume my career soon enough that he could see that my life was starting to go in a positive direction,” he confesses. Kirk was always proud of his achievements. “Used to tell meeven before he got a part in the indie movie The Runner, that he had a lot of talent to carry on. Hearing that coming from him was enough. ” Kirk Douglas died last week surrounded by all his loved ones who mourn his loss and are very proud of his legacy. “When I see your life, everything he achieved And the path that he followed, I find it difficult to imagine that anyone could do better, “concludes Cameron.

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Kirk Douglas, a man dedicated to his family who danced for his grandchildren at 103 years old

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