Cameron Diaz has not made a movie for 7 years: what happened to him

Cameron Diaz is almost one of the iconic stars of the Hollywood comedies of the 90s.

After high school, she consolidated her modeling career and became a benchmark for big brands. It was cover of magazines and summoned for publicity campaigns in the United States and Japan.

That world was not entirely related to him. He wanted to try the way of acting. Thus it was that in 1994 he made the great leap with the successful The mask as a counterfigure to Jim Carrey.

Other great proposals followed. Between them, My best friend’s Wedding, in 1997, Crazy about Mary, in 1998, Charlie’s Angels, in 2000 and the saga of Shrek.

Cameron Diaz made a lot of movies in the 90s.

The works followed one another. To the point that in 2014 he did Annie, Sex tape and The Other Woman consecutively.

That was a before and after. Because he never again stepped on a recording set or participated in the artistic world.

Cameron He was 42 years old at that time, today he is around 49, and he felt it was time to give priority to everything that really mattered to him.

Cameron Diaz today, seven years after his last movie.

Cameron Diaz today, seven years after his last movie.

“I was not managing my life. One day I understood that my daily routine should be everything that I could handle and do by myself, without delegating to other people to be able to solve them. When you do something at a really high level for a long period, which takes you all the time, you miss out on giving it to other people, “he commented on the Hart to Heart program.

“It’s fun to act and I love it. If the opportunity presents itself, I will return, but with other conditions. Today my life is focused elsewhere ”, was another of his reflections at that time.

Cameron Diaz since last year produces his own wines.

Cameron Diaz since last year produces his own wines.

His life away from fame

Then he wanted to turn around. In 2015, she married musician Benjamin Madden, after a seven-year relationship. They decided to be parents together. To fulfill that wish, she wanted to be able to have time and have a more relaxed lifestyle with fewer demands.

On December 30, 2019, Raddix was born, his first-born. There are not too many images of the little girl and Cameron was in charge of explaining why. “People know who I am, but I want them to have autonomy. For these reasons they will not see many photos of her, especially her face, “he said in some interviews.

My best friend's wedding, one of Cameron Diaz's iconic performances.

My best friend’s wedding, one of Cameron Diaz’s iconic performances.

In any case, his working life was not relegated. In mid-2020, in the midst of a pandemic, he launched a line of wines in partnership with a friend, the businesswoman Katherine Power.

It is a line with white and pink varieties, produced only with organic grapes, free of sugar and chemicals. clean wine, as they call it.

It is also dedicated to healthy eating and living. In recent years, he wrote two books on these topics.

“Having our small family nucleus is simply the best thing I did in life, the most satisfying”, he summarized in an interview about his present.

If he would return to acting, his response was forceful. “I don’t have what it takes to make a movie. All my energy is here, in my family, ”he said. Perhaps your feeling was a cycle completed and turning the page was your best option.