Bryan Cranston and Giovanni Ribisi, two scammers scammed in this series that you MUST see – Sneaky Pete – Spoiler Time

The metamorphosis of Walter White on Breaking Bad led us to question his actions, but with a cloak of pity. The man was about to lose his life and became desperate to leave something to his family, to preserve his dignity as the person in charge of the group. And also to be remembered, since his frustrated dreams -flowered throughout the series- only fed that monster that week after week was about to collide in all aspects in the popular series, today remembered as one of the best of the history. But what about Lonigan wins, the paper of Bryan Cranston after Walter? He is not loved in any way and they will find out in the new series Sneaky Pete. This time not as the protagonist, but as a luxury villain and producer of the project.

With a first season of 10 episodes coming out next Thursday, August 6 at 10 PM (MX) for AXN, Sneaky Pete follow the life of another impostor, but not in the style Walter White: interpreted by Giovanni Ribisi, this phony has greater awareness, more self-acceptance of his criminal side.

Sneaky Pete still life of Marius Josipovic (Ribisi), a young man who is in prison but who, in order not to return to his previous life, decides to take the identity of his partner behind bars, the “innocent” Pete Murphy (Ethan Embry). Because Peteaccording to his own sayings, he has a lovable family, full of love, union and, above all, tranquility for Marius, as he would be far from the dangers that threaten him and that they have a name and surname: Lonigan wins, the role played by Cranston that led to Marius to a life full of ordeals for a debt that he never paid.

With great acceptance from global criticism for several elements, we tell you some reasons why Sneaky Pete It is one of the must-sees of today’s television.

1 Bryan Cranston y Giovanni Ribisi

Both shine in a series that prioritized bringing together a cast of notables. But of course, the name of Cranston after passing through Breaking Bad is the standout. If there were doubts about his career after Walter White, her first comeback role on TV confirmed a fruitful destiny. In the dual role of villain and producer / creator of the series, Cranston He also knew how to masterfully choose the protagonist, a Giovanni Ribisi that far from the secondary roles of the cinema, he also shows off with this racial impostor as the protagonist of the series.

Ribisi What Marius and in the skin of Pete stands out by doing the reverse path of that Walter White: from a swindler of many lights and greater pretensions to a young family who tries to leave his past behind. Cranston the same, especially in the last chapters of the first season.

Source: AXN

2 Good secondary

As we just mentioned, the cast is one of the pillars of fiction, and not by the poster names of Cranston Y Ribisi, but also by those who accompany: Marin Ireland (Homeland, Hell or High Water), Peter Gerety (The Wire, Ray Donovan), Margo Martindale (The Americans, mrs america) Y Alison Wright (The Americans, Feud). The first three are part of the family of Pete Murphy, now the family of Marius. On the side of Alison Wright, the actress is one of the allies of Marius in his old life.

By the list of series and films through which each of these talents passed, it is already implied the quality of the acting mix that the series possesses, without a doubt.

Source: AXN

3 Format mixes

The series presents an excellent mix of formats in terms of plot development: on the one hand it is episodic, advancing chapter by chapter with a “case of the week” in which Pete You will have to help the family loan business for the payment of bonds; on the other hand, circulates the central and general serial history that is the true plot of Marius / Pete.

The fiction finds a particular synergy between both proposals that gives it a different, dynamic pulse that immediately attracts.

Source: AXN

4 Their names behind the production

David Shore, showrunner of House Y The Good Doctor, is the one who co-wrote the pilot with Cranston and he was heading the project until before its launch and then abandoning it. Graham Yost, with an interesting career having produced series such as The Pacific, Justified Y The Americans, took the reins to continue with the fiction already confirmed for a full first season.

The names involved, one or the other, guaranteed a higher quality than the average in the previous one.

Bryan Cranston and Graham Yost / Source: THR

5 Of the best products of recent years

As reported in the 2015, when was it premiered in USA, the series was one of the most viewed on the platform that gave rise to it. And it was one of the surprises on world television: the fresh format, a Giovanni Ribisi in one of its best performances and the homogeneous cast full of intelligent dialogue elevated the series from a simple promise to one of the best on world TV.

Source: AXN

Remember: all the Thursday from next August 6th at 10 PM (MX) you can enjoy Sneaky Pete only for AXN. Fun (and tension, LOTS of tension) guaranteed.