Brittany Snow and Hilary Swank are crowned worst dressed of the week

Concerts, red and blue carpets, conferences … attend important events as to go out on the street, the most international celebrities must take care of their style so as not to be caught and earn a spot on the podium of the worst looks of the week.


The term celeb is more and more complete. Because it’s not just about converted actresses or models anymore in style icons or it girls, but also off-road women who combine their work with forays into the world of fashion as designers. The American actress Hilary Swank, winner of two Oscars for ‘Boys don’t cry’ and ‘Million dollar baby’ is on the crest of the wave of his personal and professional life. Actress, United Nations Ambassador and now designer. There is nothing that can resist this versatile actress or, May be.

Hilary Swank receives the Leopard award in an asymmetric cut satin dress

One day after President Donald Trump launched a completely racist attack on Hollywood, an attack that seemed to be inspired and conditioned by the movie ‘The Hunt, Hilary Swank, one of the stars of the movie, received the Leopard Club Award – an award that pays tribute to great artists of real life, as is the case with Hilary Swank – however, the actress seems to have won the award for worst dressed of the night. Risking is not always synonymous with choosing pieces packed with details, openings and asymmetries, like the Hilary Swank dress. The actress opted for a dress of your usual signature, Giorgio Armani, but he stayed far from elegance and sophistication. An asymmetrical cut dress that provided a point of originality and personality to the classic feminine short dress. However, the combination of colors of each garment was not entirely correct and broke with the uniformity of the whole.


American actress and model, began his career in the world of modeling with only five years, a job that familiarized him with the lens of the cameras from an early age. And, Brittany Snow began her professional career in the world of interpretation in the mid-nineties, until he achieved success with the choral film ‘Pitch Perfect’. On the side of the screen, its natural beauty has been consolidated as one of the most striking claims of the seventh art.

Brittany Snow mixes four trends at the 2019 Teen Choice AwardsBrittany Snow mixes four trends at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards

The ceremony of the Premios Teen Choice 2019 it was dyed with a turquoise blue carpet under sunny California. A myriad of irreverent looks excessive bars walked and paraded down the red carpet, in a tandem, sometimes difficult to reconcile. The actress has earned a place in the ranks of the worst looks of the week. A dress that mixes four trends in an infinite design and completely disorganized: neckline with an impossible size and length, polka dot print with ruffles and Dolce & Gabanna style chains. Trends that they look great individually, but when mixed they seem completely disorganized


Jennifer Lopez’s name is equivalent to sensuality, beauty and success. One of the most versatile and established artists in the world. His talent in the music industry and the world of cinema have established her as one of the most powerful women with Latino roots in the world, according to Forbes magazine. Named herself more than two decades ago like the diva from the bronx (New York neighborhood from which she comes), the singer is on the crest of the wave of her personal and professional life, since she has recently been named as 2019 Style Icon for its infinite and sometimes impossible designs on the red carpet and the stage.

Jennifer Lopez with an out fashion outfit at her concert in EgyptJennifer Lopez with an out fashion outfit at her concert in Egypt

Jennifer Lopez’s tour , ‘It’s My Party’, brought their top-notch music to Egypt and their makeovers they have not left anyone indifferent. A show of unique color and style, in designs made by the dressmaker head of the singer, Rob Zangardi. The Bronx Diva a set in off-white has been sheathed full of eccentricities with which he has surprised the concert goers. A completely outdated bodysuit of shiny fabric and satin, accompanied of transparencies with glitters and with some shoulder pads completely exaggerated and that distorted his figure. An ‘out fashion’ set with what appears to be an underpant in a style disaster that places the singer directly in the worst dressed.


His name is synonymous with success in Hollywood. Daughter of the actress, Tippi Hedren and muse of one of the greatest film directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock. Dakota Johnson’s mother, Melannie Griffith has become a celluloid star and the seventh art. His separation from the acclaimed actor, Antonio Banderas, has made it not so frequent to see him walk through the streets of some city in Andalusia, an Autonomous Community with which feel great admiration and respect.

Melanie Griffith dresses up as a hippie in her last public appearanceMelanie Griffith dresses up as a hippie in her last public appearance

And it is that, the actress has been revered and admired in equal measure, maybe too much. His excesses and aesthetic touches have had to do with his plummet. Pioneer of aesthetic operations and addicted to botox, it seems that the actress has earned a position in the review of worst dressed of the week. After examining the actress’s proposal with a magnifying glass, the pattern of the pants seems to come out of the very same hippie era of the sixties. Pants with print that borders on the extravagant And it makes you lose yourself in a whirlwind of horror when it comes to fashion. A design proposal that perfectly combines with an unprecedented beauty look, in a disheveled and tousled bun fully recharged.


American former model and actress, Denise Richards, who triumphed in the nineties decade with films like ‘Wild Things’ (translated as Wild Games, in Spanish) or ‘The world is never enough’, in which I played the role of ‘Bond girl’ alongside Pierce Brosnan, is especially remembered for the mythical pool scene, along with actress Neve Campbell, giving each other the wettest kiss in movie history. One of those so mythical erotic thrillers from the decade that made Sharon Stone a superstar thanks to the movie ‘Basic Instinct’.

Denise Richards in denim overalls and flip flops walking through the streets of New YorkDenise Richards in denim overalls and flip flops walking through the streets of New York

An icon of the seventh art that has always stood out for its exuberant curves, which for his acting skills. An exuberance fruit, in part, by a mistake by your plastic surgeon, who undertook her breast surgery when she was 19 years old implanted breast prostheses larger than agreed. Twenty years after his retreat on stage, the actress is on everyone’s lips again for his latest look proposal. Fury for some, horror for others. The actress has caused a stir with the return of a classic that caused a real stir in the eighties: the jean dungarees. The bibs return, although in reality they were never in fashion. A design with which the model walks like a farmer through the streets of New York and that has combined with some swimming pool flip flops.