Brian Cox (‘Succession’) turns Johnny Depp, Michael Caine and even David Bowie into his memoirs

Brian Cox, the man who has us on the edge of the sofa every week in ‘Succession’, has been in the industry for more than 50 years and on January 18 he will publish his memoirs: ‘Putting the Rabbit in the Hat’. In this brutally honest autobiography, Cox, in addition to reviewing his career, speaks clearly about what he thinks of his fellow professionals and Very Logan Roy style destroys at least 8 Hollywood stars, including Johnny Depp and Edward Norton. The 75-year-old actor also has a rod for Quentin Tarantino, although at least he speaks well of Alan Rickman, whom he describes as “one of the sweetest, kindest, nicest and incredibly intelligent men I have ever met.”

He has not agreed with Depp in any filming because Cox rejected a role in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ that ended up in the hands of Jonathan Pryce, and he clearly does not regret because about his protagonist he says that he is exaggerated and overrated: “I mean, look at ‘Eduardo Scissorhands.’ The one he has worked with is with Edward Norton in ‘Last Night’, a drama directed by Spike Lee, and he describes it as “A good boy, but a bit annoying because he imagines himself as a screenwriter and director.”

With Michael Caine he is not short either and although he admits that he is a legend, he is not exactly his favorite: “But it’s Michael Caine. An institution. And being an institution will always be better than having reach.”. Cox and Steven Seagal agreed on ‘The Glimmer Man’ and it certainly made a strong impression on him: “Steven Seagal is as ridiculous in real life as he appears on screen. He radiates a studied serenity, as if he’s on a higher plane than the rest of us, and he’s certainly on a different plane, no question about that, but he’s probably not a higher plane. “

In his book, Cox describes David Bowie, whom he met on the ‘Redcap’ series, as “a skinny kid and not a particularly good actor” and Pryce (together in ‘The Mystery of the Necklace’) from “a little dark and dingy at times”. He also says that if Tarantino called him he would not hesitate to pick up the phone, but his films seem to him “shallow, all twists instead of depth. prioritize style where there should be substance”.

Luckily there are people who like him better and although Gary Oldman, Daniel Day-Lewis, John Hurt and Michael Gambon also get theirs, Keanu Reeves says that “it’s gotten pretty good over the years” and Morgan Freeman thinks “a true gentleman”.

What are they going to think?

Speaking to ‘The Big Issue’, Cox acknowledges that none of the friends you mention has still read the biography and which supposes that he will never hear from any of them again, although “this is life”. In another interview, this time with The Scottsman, he explained that he wanted to be completely honest because “If you are going to do something like that, you have to tell the truth. Shoot the devil. It was cathartic, necessary. For me it was important because I had reached a certain age and I wanted to see certain things in light of my own experience and be the most sincere Of course, there are things I left out, and I also wonder if I’ve been fair, particularly to the amazing women in my life? […] And the other thing is, did I tell the truth? Have I made it all up? You start to panic about it. Am I being unfair to people, am I cruel? I had all kinds of weird emotions while writing this book. “ In addition to publishing this book and continuing in ‘Succession’ for at least a fourth season, in the near future Con is awaiting the premiere of the film ‘The Jesuit’ written by Paul Schrader, the sound series ‘Unsinkable’ and he participates by giving voice to the series animated ‘Blade Runner: Black Lotus’.