Blake Lively Reveals How She Found Out Her Husband Ryan Reynolds Was On A Dating App

Nor is it the first time Blake Lively y Ryan Reynolds trolling or pranks are played on social media. So the last confession of the actress prevents knowing for sure if she is telling the truth. The truth is that she has assured that she did not know that her husband was on a dating application until she saw a video of Match, the ‘twin sister’ of Tinder.

Be that as it may, there is also no doubt that Ryan Reynolds was behind promoting the dating app. Specifically, it will be your company ‘Maximum Effort’ She is commissioned to produce the Match ad. “This is a video about how to return to love. In my company Maximun Effort we love to bring people together. 2020 brought people together but in a different way. Now we try to bring them together with a song,” he recently pointed out in an interview for ‘Good Morning America’.

In fact, the Canadian actor will not hesitate to share on his Instagram account the video in which he called “return to love” through a group of wedding singers with angelic voices. A publication that, logically, would not go unnoticed by Blake Lively, who will also use his Instagram account to confess that he just found out what the star of ‘was up to.Deadpool‘in the last few days. “How did I find out my husband is in Match?” Beyond showing her surprise, the actress would admit that both the video and the song had fascinated her.

Ryan Reynolds would also have no problem remembering the last time he used a dating app after a decade married to Blake Lively. “I make this ad because at least my last date was with her. The last date I had before I was with Blake was a double date where she was with someone else and I was on a different date. We were all together and then, a couple of months later, she and I met on a train to Boston And that’s where love came from The rest is history, “he revealed.