Biography of German Tripa Tripel

Germn Tripel, better known as Tripa is an Argentine pop and rock musician. He was born on January 15, 1980 and his childhood was spent in the town of Chilavert, province of Buenos Aires, where from a very young age he displayed his great passion: music. In this way, he formed a rock band that appeared to benefit in parades and neighborhood recitals.

Developing his musical vocation, he has long been a member of the German Choir of his neighborhood, since he masters the language to perfection, in addition to participating in various advertisements and various castings for television. He graduated from a teacher in Physical Education and soon became a personal trainer.

But destiny had prepared another path for this talented young man, always linked to another of his loves: art. The day he learns of the call for an important musical contest, Tripa does not doubt it for a moment and despite the cold weather he approaches, like thousands of boys, the Argentine Hpico Club where the first test for the program of television “Popstars 2002, start your show.”

Passing all the auditions, German leaves behind more than four thousand applicants until he reaches the final of the reality show, becoming one of the members of a new group called Mambr. At the end of October 2002, Mambr appeared in a renowned shopping center in the Devoto area, in front of eight thousand fans, as part of his first meeting with the public, but on November 1 of that same year he sealed a before and after in the lives of Milton Amadeo, Pablo Silberberg, Gernimo Rauch, Emanuel Ntaka and Germn Tripel, as they make their debut, before more than 70 thousand people, at the Gran Rex Theater.

Corrientes Avenue would be only the initial kick of a long road to travel that would later lead them to tour throughout the country, without forgetting their visits to Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru and Chile, achieving the highest point of massiveness during the concert together with Bandana, at the Vlez stadium, something that the fans of both bands are crying out for.

From the hand of the success and the adolescent madness, three discographic works arrived: “Mambr” (2002), “Crezando” (2003) and “Mambr 3” (2004), and several awards among which the Martn Fierro 2003 stood out. Gardel and Inte 2003 awards, for the best musical group that emerged from a television program.

But the day came when these boys decided to say goodbye, and without scandals involved, the Mambr ended that unforgettable stage by giving a concert at La Trastienda Club, making farewell a fact.

A new challenge would come to Gut’s life: acting. Summoned by Pablo Granados, Pachu Pea and Freddy Villarreal, Tripa joins the cast of “No hay dos sin tres”, the program broadcast by Channel 9.

Today he knows that music runs through his veins and it is impossible to get away from it. Also Gut, to be part of the movie “The Informers”, a film that starred Mickey Rourke. There he will put himself in the shoes of a young singer of an alternative rock band. Recall that the film directed by Australian Gregor Jordan, which will have the performance of Kim Basinger, Winona Ryder, Billy Bob Thornton, Mickey Rourke, Ashley Olsen, Austin Nichols and Brandon Routh. Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, who participated in the film adaptation, the film began shooting on November 6, 2007 in Montevideo and Punta del Este.

But in 2008, Germn “Tripa” Tripel presented his debut solo album: Push !.

In 2015 he released his single “Vaco”

In 2016, together with Flor Otero, he released the single “Porque te quiero”.

In April 2020 he presents his new song “Never stop dreaming”.

During 2020 and 2021 he premiered various versions of classic songs in Spanish and English.