Benicio Del Toro negotiates to star in The Predator

Puerto Rican actor Benicio, the bull is in talks to join the cast of the reboot of The Predator, the film that once starred Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original 1987 film.

As reported The Hollywood Reporter, the actor known for his roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and the next in Star Wars Episodio VIII I would be the one to relaunch this new movie. Benicio del Toro and 20th Century Fox have been talking about this possibility for several months, but the actor’s busy schedule was an inconvenience, although after much talking, the film would fit into his calendar and start shooting. in February 2017.

The new film in the saga would be directed by Shane Black, who curiously appeared in The Predator in 1987, in a supporting role. The original film was directed by John McTiernan (Die Hard) and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

The first The Predator was about a commando in a jungle that was stalked by an alien threat. At the moment, more details of the film are unknown, except for the official release date, February 9, 2018. On the other hand, the actor who won an Oscar in 2001 for Traffic, we can see him in the new star wars movie. We already know something about the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie, in which Benicio del Toro will not return, as the collector.

The saga has already become an icon of science fiction and action today. The first film was directed by John Mc Tiernan and its success led to the premiere of a second part in 1990, in which Danny Glover replaced Schwarzenegger. Later films (such as crossovers with Alien) lost the line of the saga to some extent, something that fans hope to recover in this next installment.