Ben Affleck would reunite his girlfriend JLo and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner for Christmas

The couple leaving the Global Citizen concert in New York

Last halloween Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They accompanied some of their children to walk through the exclusive neighborhood of Los Angeles, where his children live, when the actor’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner joined in and walked with them for a while. According to witnesses who observed the situation, which can be embarrassing for other couples, it was pleasant for everyone and the walk only lasted a few minutes.

Now that the end of the year holidays and festivities are approaching, a source close to the couple has told the US media that they would be together for the date with their children and as they know that Jennifer Garner, the mother of Violet, Seraphine and Samuel, she will want to enjoy the three she had when she was married to Ben, she will also be invited to the celebration.

Apparently, Garner would attend the invitation, because over time she has become the best friend of her ex and has no problem with them socializing, in addition, she has resumed her romantic relationship with the fast food entrepreneur John C. Miller, CEO of Cali Group.

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“Christmas has to do with children. Despite being totally opposites, Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez have teamed up for the kids, ”revealed a source, mentioned by Ok Magazine.

“It may sound strange to spend the holidays with your ex-husband’s new girlfriend, but Jennifer does not care what other people think,” said the interviewee, emphasizing that the well-being of the children is a priority for the new couple and of course, for Garner.

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Secondly, AND! News published that once the holidays are over the couple will move in together. They are madly in love. Spending time in different cities during the week has made them miss each other like crazy and fall in love even more., He published pointing out statements from a source close to the artists.