“Audio pending in some languages”: the dubbing in Spanish of the series is under threat by the coronavirus

“Audio pending in some languages. The health of the dubbing actors is paramount ”, is a text that can be found for a few days on Netflix. When selecting titles like Hollywood O Better call Saul, the message is housed below the description of the series, alerting about the absence, specifically, of dubbing in Spanish. The same viewing option that many prefer and that over the years has led to the number of copies of films in that format multiplying in cinemas or almost all pay TV channels being in Spanish instead of being available in their original language with subtitles.

Although it is a less noticeable blow than the cancellations of filming or postponements of premieres, the momentary lack of dubbed versions in some streaming and cable productions becomes another consequence of the coronavirus. Specifically, the pandemic has led to the studies where this type of work is carried out must stop its operation.

In Spain, for example, where the dubbing industry is even more powerful than in Latin America, since the end of March, channels and platforms have warned that there are series that will only be seen with subtitles and the original language. In this context, HBO had to come out to regret the measure before an audience that decidedly prefers to bring foreign content to Spanish. “We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused, because we know that many of you prefer to enjoy content spoken in Spanish,” the company explained.

In Latin America the impact has taken about a month to feel. This Sunday HBO had the debut of the miniseries I know this much is true, with Mark Ruffalo in the role of twin brothers, as its most powerful premiere of the month (after being scheduled for the end of April). But on HBO GO it is currently only available in the original language plus subtitles. At the same time, other series that go on Sundays, such as Insecure Y Run, they do have dubbing for their last chapters, presumably because they were ready before the pandemic forced the closure of specialized studios. The same is true of the third cycle of Westworld, which ended the week before.

El domingo HBO estrenó I know this much is true, con Mark Ruffalo.

The effects of the measure have been escalating little by little, but it is hitting everyone. Amazon Prime Video launched in late April Happiness continues: A Jonas Brothers concert film, about the youth band, and after almost three weeks it is only still available in the original language and with Spanish subtitles.

Although, for now, Netflix is ​​the only one that explicitly for this reason had to adjust a premiere that was scheduled for everyone. The interactive special of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt It was due to arrive yesterday in the 190 countries where the platform is available, but in the end the arrival took place in only a few, among them the United States, England and Australia.

“Many dubbing studios are closed due to the coronavirus so the dubbing of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The reverend It is delayed. We hope to have that dubbing ready as soon as possible – and when possible they can re-record safely ”, he explained in a statement shared yesterday to La Tercera, and from today on the service it is announced that the title is postponed.

The situation varies in each case and does not necessarily depend on your arrival date. For example, Netflix premiered Hollywood on May 1 and upon completing its second week available on the platform, it still does not have dubbing in Spanish. Same situation experienced by the Belgian series Into the night or the last chapter of the fifth season of Better call Saul. Instead, other later releases, such as the Michelle Obama documentary, Becoming, or the series The Eddy –Speaking largely in French– they do have this version.

Meanwhile, only with the option to see them in Spanish from Spain are the youth series Outer Banks and the last four episodes of the third cycle of Fauda, originally in Hebrew. Both productions have been on the platform since mid-April. Cooler is the case of the fifth season of Billions, which arrives with new episodes on Tuesdays, two days after its broadcast in the US; the only alternative offered for the chapters of this cycle is subtitles in Spanish and the original language. The reason is the same: “The health of the voice actors is paramount.” A legend that will appear in more and more cases as the pandemic spreads.