At full speed, various infidelities and a real robbery, news on the card

After a few months in which the premieres have reached the screens with droppers, the summer season starts full of news this Friday. Nine films among which the highly anticipated ninth installment of Fast & Furious. French film fans will enjoy the romantic comedy The things we say, the things we do or the crazy surreal comedy with giant fly included, Jaws. Children will have the opportunity to return to the rooms to savor the fantasy of 4 guys and this. Argentine cinema will make a niche on the billboard with The theft of the century, based on real events, and Permanent plant. And from Spain come the narcothriller Dead man does not know how to live , the drama the traveler and the music documentary A blues for Tehran.

Justin Lin (Action)

‘Fast & Furious 9’

‘Fast & Furious 9’

After sweeping theaters in the United States, the ninth installment of the Fast & Furious automobile saga lands in Spanish cinemas ready to attract the public en masse. Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) leads a quiet life with Letty and her son, little Brian, but they know danger is always lurking. This time, that threat will force Dom to face the sins of his past if he wants to save those he loves most. The team is reunited to prevent a worldwide plot, led by one of the most dangerous assassins and best driver they have ever faced; a man who is also Dom’s missing brother, Jakob (John Cena).

Starring Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, John Cena, Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, Kurt Russell, Sung Kang, Lucas Black, Finn Cole, and Vinnie Bennett. Duration: 145 minutes. Country: United States.

Ezekiel Montes (Thriller)

‘Dead man does not know how to live’

Poster of the movie 'Dead man does not know how to live'

Poster of the movie ‘Dead man does not know how to live’


Ezekiel Montes, from Malaga, has drawn on the stories of his own neighborhood to build an intense and violent thriller about drug trafficking in Dead Man Doesn’t Know How to Live, his feature film debut. The film tells us about Tano (Antonio Dechent) who has worked all his life for Manuel, a construction businessman who in better times controlled the entire city. Now, already in old age, Tano sees how Manuel cannot run the company, and the entire structure faces a generational change, new people, new businesses, a new way of running the company … but the same violence as always .

Starring Antonio Dechent, Rubén Ochandiano, Elena Martínez, Jesús Castro, Paco Tous, Nancho Novo, Manolo Caro, Juan Fernández, Juanma Lara, Manuel de Blas, Frederic Guillaume, Paul Lapidus. Duration: 105 minutes. Country Spain.

Quentin Dupieux (Fantastic Comedy)


A still from 'Jaws'

A still from ‘Jaws’

Dupieux, a regular at the Sitges festival, took his latest work to the fantastic film competition last year, a fun and surreal story in which two not-so-intelligent friends -Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais- find a giant fly, alive and trapped Inside a car they decide to train to rob a bank and make money with it. Needless to say, the monstrous bug won’t make it easy for this dim-witted pair of friends.

Reparto: Grégoire Ludig, David Marsais, Adèle Exarchopoulos, India Hair, Roméo Elvis, Dave Chapman, Anaïs Demoustier, Coralie Russier, Bruno Lochet, Raphaël Quenard. Duración: 77 minutos. Country: Francia.

Emmanuel Mouret (Romantic Comedy)

‘The things we say, the things we do’

Camélia Jordana and Niels Schneider in a scene from 'The things we say, the things we do'.

Camélia Jordana and Niels Schneider in a scene from ‘The things we say, the things we do’.

Pascal Chantier

Maxime (Niels Schneider), broken by his break with Sandra (Jenna Thiam), goes a few days to the country to visit his cousin François (Vincent Macaigne). But François has had to go to Paris, so it is his girlfriend, Daphné (Camelia Jordana), three months pregnant, who takes care of the guest. Maxime and Daphné tell each other their love and heartbreak stories, very different stories, but they always end in the same place, infidelity.

Protagonizada por Camélia Jordana, Niels Schneider, Vincent Macaigne, Jenna Thiam, Émilie Dequenne, Guillaume Gouix, Julia Piaton, Jean-Baptiste Anoumon, Fanny Gatibelza, Claude Pommereau, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Milla Savarese, Lise Lomi. Duración: 122 minutos. Country: Francia.

Ezequiel Radusky (Drama)

‘Permanent plant’

Poster for 'Permanentte Plant'

Poster for ‘Permanentte Plant’

Lila and Marcela have always worked as cleaning personnel in a state agency. They know its nooks and crannies like no one else and have invented a form of subsistence – and a dream – managing a completely irregular dining room in an abandoned corner of the building. But times change: a new director arrives – with her cynical speeches, full of clichés – and with her empty promises, the closing of the dining room and a wave of dismissals that destroy the precarious balance of life in the State and transform the everyday tasks in a fight for survival.

Cast: Liliana Juarez, Rosario Bléfari, Verónica Perrota, Sol Lugo, Vera Nina Suárez. Duration: 89 minutes. Argentina country.

Andy De Emmony (Fantastic)

‘4 guys and this’

Poster for '4 Guys and This'

Poster for ‘4 Guys and This’

While their father is on the front lines and their mother cares for the wounded, five London children are sent to live with their uncle in a dilapidated mansion by the sea. One day, during their explorations on the beach, they dig a hole and discover an 8,000-year-old sand fairy who is ready to make their wildest dreams come true.

Starring Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen, Pippa Haywood, Matthew Goode, Ashley Aufderheide, Paula Patton, Billy Jenkins, Ellie-Mae Siame, Russell Brand, Caroline Sheen, Mariya Mizuno, Cheryl Cole, Finbarr Doyle, Ely Solan. Duration: 110 minutes. Country: UK.

Ariel Winograd (Thriller)

‘The theft of the century’

'The robbery of the century', by Ariel Winograd MÁLAGA FESTIVAL 08/29/2020

‘The robbery of the century’, by Ariel Winograd.


It rains heavily and there is not a soul in the street. Araujo is sheltering under the eaves of a closed premises. In front of it is the façade of the Banco Río. It is Friday, January 13, 2006. The Falcon Group snipers are waiting for a warrant. More than three hundred policemen scattered around the place await the voice of their boss. Miguel Sileo, the negotiator, lets hope that Vitette, one of the leaders of the gang of thieves who entered the Banco Río de Acassuso branch, has signs of life. The pizzas I had ordered as a condition had been chilled. The Falcon group receives the order and enters: they find the unexpected. Toy guns and a score of scared hostages await them inside; there is no sign of the group of thieves. Based on real events.

Starring Guillermo Francella, Diego Peretti, Luis Luque, Pablo Rago, Rafael Ferro, Mariano Argento, Juan Alari, Johanna Francella, Iván Steinhardt, Magela Zanotta, Mario Alarcón, Pochi Ducasse, Paula Grinszpan, Juan Tupac Soler. Duration: 114 minutes. Argentina country.

Miguel Mejias (Drama)

‘La traveller’

An image of 'La Viante'

An image of ‘La Viante’

Angela’s life vanishes before his eyes. Driven by an empty routine that seems impossible to shake off, she will venture on a journey through remote lands, where she will discover a special interest in recording insects with her mother’s camera. Without wanting to, he will have to face the unexpected and unknown urges of his loneliness.

Cast: Ángela Boix, Miquel Insúa, Franciska Ródenas, Niklas Schmich. Duration: 84 minutes. Country Spain.

Javier Tolentino (Documentary)

‘A blues for Tehran’

A still from 'A blues for Tehran'

A still from ‘A blues for Tehran’

Different faces show an Iran where tradition and modernity coexist and confront each other. Erfan Shafei invites you to discover a country as mysterious as it is cultured through music and its people. He is a funny and ironic young Kurdish man who wants to become a film director. She sings, writes poetry, lives with her parents and her parrot, but knows nothing about love …

Documentary film. Duration: 80 minutes. Country Spain.