Assassin’s Creed: Netflix prepares a live-action series based on the classic video game with the writer of Die Hard

Netflix seeks to revive Assassin’s Creed with a live-action series, to remove the bad taste that the film with Michael Fassbender left us.

Many were the expectations placed on Assassin’s Creed, the 2016 film starring Michael Fassbender, that he sought to break with that catastrophic look that exists regarding video game adaptations to the cinema. But not only could he not pull it off, he widened this chasm in some way. And where no one had hope Netflix he wanted to put his hands that turn everything they touch into gold. Or well, almost everything.

The idea of ​​the red N is to make a series live-action with the scriptwriter Jeb Stuart, the same one who wrote hits like Die Hard, Lock Up, Another 48 Hrs or The Fugitive. According Variety, this is all part of an agreement between parties that could lead to future animated adaptations for the service of streaming. For its part, Ubisoft Montreal He has already produced two animated short films based on the game.


Assassin’s Creed had his first approach to film concepts in a three-part short that was released on YouTube in 2009. Later, in 2016, a film adaptation was made, where Fassbender played the dual role of Cal Lynch and his cunning murderous ancestor, Aguilar de Nerha. The movie was a complete critical failure and we all assumed that the chance for the video game to return to the big screen was definitely out of the question.

But of course, we did not have Netflix and his eagerness to produce and generate more content than he can handle. For some time now, it has adapted comics, graphic novels, novels in general and, why not, video games, as is the case with Resident Evil, series of which we could see a preview a few days ago. From here, we advise you that we would like you to do several seasons, each one focused on a different game and, therefore, on a different historical time.