Anya Taylor-Joy, the actress of the moment, is in love

She has been dubbed “the new queen of Hollywood” and there is no doubt that Anya Taylor-Joy, 25, is living a great moment at a professional level. Everyone talks about the actress who achieved world fame thanks to the success of the series Lady’s gambit (Neftlix), however, not much was known about his private life … until now! It seems that the protagonist of the new version of the film Emma his heart is busy and the ‘culprit’ has a first and last name. It’s about the musician and also the actor Malcolm McRae, with which she has been photographed on the streets of New York.

– The Golden Year of Anya Taylor-Joy, twice nominated and with a bright future


Anya, of an Argentine-Scottish father and a Spanish-British mother, She was very affectionate with her new boyfriend, kissing in broad daylight and without caring that they became the center of all eyes. Like any other couple, they walked hand in hand through the Big Apple and did not stop dedicating gestures of love. Are we facing the new couple of the moment? At the moment, neither of the two has confirmed or denied that they are together although the protagonist of the films Morgan, The Secret of Marrowbone or The New Mutants referred to him in statements to IT. “My partner just got back from work and he is with all his material, so this was the safest place, “he said, explaining why he did the interview from the bathroom of his house.

– Anya Taylor-Joy’s Fascinating Style on Turning 25 Years

Although it is not usual for Taylor-Joy to talk about her private life, in major of last year she was related to the photographer Ben Seed and previously dated the Irish actor, writer, model and director Eoin quirks (Nightflyers, Merlín, Here are the young men, The night shift). Rumors emerged that they had gotten engaged, however, they ended up breaking up and going their separate ways.


Proud of its roots

Anya, who is the youngest of six children and was born in Miami, feels very proud of the cultural mix that runs through her veins, although she admits that it was not always like that. “It is true that as a child I was confused, but that was caused by the desire to feel part of something. If we stopped wanting to be like others and cared more about being ourselves, the world would be a better place. I will never be Argentine enough or English enough or American enough. But that does not mean that he is not a complete person and that he does not have much to offer to these countries“, he assured in an interview with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which awards the Golden Globes.”My first language is Spanish, but my first casting was in English and I have only worked in this language. I have always wanted to work in my mother tongue, but I have never had the opportunity to do so“, he acknowledged.

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