Anya Taylor-Joy believed that no one would hire her again after The Witch

At just 25 years old, Anya Taylor-Joy is one of today’s most famous young actresses. He began his career on the small screen and gradually rose to the bigger leagues; her debut film role was in Academia de Vampires – 13%, with a character without a name and whose scene ended up being eliminated. For 2015 she obtained her first starring role with La Bruja – 91%, Robert Eggers’s debut feature that gave her international recognition, but not everything was good for her back then. During a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Anya confessed that after seeing La Bruja, she believed that no one would hire her again.

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The witch places us in New England in 1630, William and Katherine are a Christian couple with five children. When baby disappears and their crops die, the family begins to separate, leaving them vulnerable to an inescapable evil. Thomasin, the eldest daughter, is mostly exposed to the dangers of those who lurk in the forest. Anya Taylor-Joy She was approximately 18 years old when she interfered in the filming of The Witch, so being almost a teenager she was horrified by what she called her “bad acting”, seeing herself on screen did not like at all and thought it would be the end of his career.

Rob showed us the movie maybe two hours before the public screening and I was devastated. I thought I would never work again, I still get chills thinking about that. It was simply the worst feeling: ‘I have let down the people I love the most in the world. I didn’t do it right. ‘ And I am quite verbal, I like to talk, I like to communicate. I didn’t speak, I just cried. He couldn’t bear to see my face so big.

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But where the very young Anya saw failure, the rest of the world found a solid performance in one of the most satisfying horror movies of recent years. The world surrendered to the fantastic tale of Robert Eggers and promoted what in recent years has been on everyone’s lips, folk horror, a subgenre characterized by presenting stories in rural areas with pagan elements. Anya Taylor-Joy He gained global fame and little by little he got a job in other notable industry productions.

The most recent success of Anya-Taylor Joy It was not for cinema, but on the small screen. Lady’s Gambit – 93% premiered on Netflix in October of last year and became one of the best series on the platform in 2020. It presents the story of Beth, an orphan from the 1950s with a gift for chess who fights against addictions while trying to become the best player in the world. Yes Anya it was not so well known, Lady’s Gambit It came to give him the global notoriety he needed to boost his name; Now he has millions of fans around the world and without having another family member in the entertainment business he has been able to advance to the largest of Hollywood.

One of the following films by Anya Taylor-Joy it is Angry, spin-off of the incredible character seen in Mad Max: Fury Road – 97%. No in-depth details about the plot of the Furiosa movie are available so far, but at least we hope to see a satisfying origin story that shows us the chaotic youthful days of the character, coming from the mind of George Miller we can expect a surprising spectacle. According to information from IMDB, the delivery will hit theaters on June 23, 2023, so it’s time to count the days until the expected premiere.

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