Ant Anstead Renee Zellweger helps build a custom car in Celebrity: IOU Joyride trailer

He’s in the middle of a PDA-filled relationship with Renee Zellweger after meeting her on his upcoming Discovery + show, Celebrity IOU: Joyride.

Now, a trailer has been released for the show where Ant Anstead meets his current 52-year-old girlfriend.

At first glance, Ant, 42, can be seen referring to himself and co-host Kristi Lee as ‘car people’ during a conversation with Renee, before begging her to stop the convertible she was driving.

Sparks fly! A trailer has been released for Celebrity IOU: Joyride, the show where Ant Anstead met his current girlfriend Renee Zellweger.

Celebrity IOU Joyride is a new series in which Ant helps celebrities gift loved ones to their loved ones in a unique vehicle, and features stars like Mary J. Blige, Octavia Spencer and Danny Trejo.

Renee was helping brothers Jerome and Gerald, who helped publisher Nancy Ryder in the middle of its battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, according to People.

“We’re car people,” Ant tells Renee, referring to himself and host Kristi Lee. “And there is no greater gift than giving someone else who is also a person in the car.”

Despite the auto experts, there were a few roadblocks for Renee.

‘We’re car people’: Ant explains to Rene, referring to himself and Kristi Lee’s co-host

Red light! Ant and Cristy ask Renee to stop the car as it goes

Oh no! Anstead waved his hands in the air, trying to get her to stop.

One scene shows the actress speeding in an old convertible while Ant and Cristy beg her to stop.

“Stop stop Stop!” Ant screams. ‘¿¡que pass!?’

No matter the scary moment, that didn’t stop you and Renee from really hitting her in real life.

TMZ It was claimed last month that romantic sparks started between the couple when Renee returned to the set after filming her episode to ‘drop some work shoes’ for Ant.

As evidenced by her many adorable outings in recent weeks, a friend of the actress said that Renee is “impulsive” and “never happier” in the relationship.

More than just friends: TMZ recently claimed that romantic sparks began to fly between the pair when Renée returned to the set after filming her episode to ‘drop some work shoes’ for Ant.

Let’s get this offer on the way! Renee expressed her happiness when she got into the driver’s seat.

starlit! Another celebrity featured on the show is Octavia Spencer, who sees the celebrity gifting a loved one with a custom car.

Renee is in love. She thinks this is the real deal. You have never been happier. They are an amazing couple, said the source.

In 2019 Eagle An interview, shortly after her split from boyfriend Doyle Bramhall, talked about the pressure as a woman to have a relationship.

If someone doesn’t appreciate you, and a man doesn’t find you and doesn’t appreciate you, your worth will somehow be questioned. She said at the time that it was just the fact of being a lady.

adjust! Danny Trejo was one of the celebrities who thanked his loved ones with a new car

Look who’s here! Mary J. Blige also appeared on the show.

She was previously married to Kenny Chesney in 2005 and was also linked to Jim Carrey, Jack White of the White Stripes, and Bradley Cooper.

When she and Anstead met, a source told People They’ve Clicked. “Sometimes two people meet and click, and the moment is right,” the source said.

Renee is creative … she often goes for people who think outside the box … they are both private and they don’t like public scrutiny so they both have that in common. He is a creative guy with many interests.

And it looks like he’s found one with Anstead, a source said. us weekly That ant is also “very happy” in the relationship.

You can tell that he is in a good place in his life, he is very happy. It seems to be burning. The source said about his personal and professional life: “It’s where he wants to be and he gets things done.

The couple bonded shortly after their divorce from Flip or Flop host Christina Hack in June after announcing the split last September.

Celebrity IOU: Joyride will premiere on Discovery + on August 23.

love is in the air! Ant has been in the middle of a PDA-filled relationship with Renee recently.

The perfect fit: When she and Anstead met a source who told people they clicked. “Sometimes two people meet and click, and the moment is right,” the source said.