Anniversary of July 8: Rosa Mercedes Ayarza is born

Peruvian folklorist and researcher. He founded the National School of Lyric Art. As a composer, she created lieder, religious music, school songs, choral arrangements of Creole songs, etc. He managed to get the Municipal Theater to present a Peruvian coastal folklore show for the first time, in 1938, a scenario that was forbidden for popular Peruvian music.

Other ephemeris:

On another July 8, but in 1893, the border treaty between Mexico and Honduras is signed, which recognizes British sovereignty in Belize.

  • Veterinary Doctor’s Day
  • World Allergy Day

1538.- One of the partners of the Spanish conquest of Peru, dies executed in Cusco, Diego de Almagro, discoverer of Chile. He was beheaded and his head exposed in the public square. His remains were buried in the Church of La Merced in Cusco.

1621.- Jean de la Fontaine is born, French poet and fabulist, whose fame is due to his twelve books of Fables, considered a model of the genre.

1770.- It is read for the first time, in New York and in the presence of George Washington, the declaration of independence of the United States.

1808.- Statute by which “the Spains and the Indies will be governed by a single code of civil and criminal laws.”

1827.- The first issue of the newspaper “El Telégrafo” circulates, the spokesperson for the members of the Lodge chaired by the famous priest and parliamentarian Francisco de Luna Pizarro.

1833.- Treaty of Unkiar-Skelessi, which stipulates the Russian protectorate of Turkey for eight years and the opening of the Dardanelles Strait.

1835.- An insurrection breaks out in Caracas against President José María Vargas, which was repressed by former President José Antonio Páez.

1838.- Ferdinand von Zeppelin, inventor of the airship, is born. At age 68, he successfully completed his first apparatus, the LZ-1, capable of reaching a speed of 48 km / h.

1839.- The Salvadoran Assembly decrees the election of Francisco Morazán as head of state.

1839.- John Rockefeller is born, an American businessman, investor, industrialist and philanthropist, who worked in the world of the oil industry, reaching the point of monopolizing it.

1842.- The Italian Maximiliano Danti brings to Lima the daguerreotype, the first photographic procedure.

1846.- Commodore John Montgomery raises the United States flag in San Francisco and takes possession of that region of California, seized from Mexico.

1881.- Born Rosa Mercedes Ayarza, –Sister of Alejandro Ayarza Karamanduca– He was the one who brought the sailor “La Concheperla” to the pentagram. He wrote the works: “Ancient proclamations of Lima”, “Lima prints” and “School songs”.

1877.- Efrén Rebolledo, Mexican poet and diplomat, is born. Author of seven books of poems, Joyelero, and a prose work of which his short novel stands out Salamandra.

1889.- In the United States, the financial newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” is published for the first time.

1905.- The rebel crew of the Russian battleship “Potemkin” surrenders to the Romanian authorities.

1919.- Walter Scheel is born, German politician, president between 1974 and 1979 and vice chancellor between 1969 and 1974, as well as minister of foreign affairs

1921.- Edgar Morin, French sociologist and essayist, is born; He is considered one of the great French thinkers and a contributor to numerous scientific publications.

1925.- Joaquim Veríssimo Serrao, Portuguese historian, is born, among the most important researchers and scholars of the history of Portugal,

1937.- The Sino-Japanese war breaks out, within the framework of the Second World War.

1947.- Luis Fernando Figari is born, a religious in activity, founder of Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana and the Movimiento de Vida Cristiana.

1951.- Anjelica Huston, American actress and film director, is born.

1953.- The Soviets block free movement between the East and West districts of Berlin.

1956.- Giovanni Papini, Italian writer and essayist, dies. Italian writer. Initially atheist and skeptical, he later became a fervent Catholic.

1961.- First violent demonstrations in the Dominican Republic against the dictatorship of President Joaquín Balaguer.

1969.- Departure of the first contingent of US soldiers from Vietnam.

1971.- Violent earthquake in Chile with a hundred dead. It affected the provinces of Coquimbo, Aconcagua, Valparaíso and Santiago.

1973.- Anuar el Sadat, president of Egypt, expels the 15,000 Soviet military advisers and officials in his country in retaliation for the USSR not delivering the weapons he requests, knowing the latter of Egypt’s rapprochement with the United States.

1978.- Sandro Pertini, an Italian politician affiliated with the socialist party, is elected president of the Republic of Italy.

1986.- Kurt Waldheim is officially declared President of Austria.

1986.- Hyman Rickover, creator of the United States’ nuclear army, dies.

1987.- Gerardo Diego, a Spanish poet and writer belonging to the so-called Generation of 27, dies.

1989.- The Peronist Carlos Saúl Menem assumes the Presidency of the Argentine Republic.

1993.- The remains of the students of the La Cantuta University murdered by the Colina group, which tried to hide the bodies of nine students and a teacher, whom they arrested in 1992.

1994.- Dies of a heart attack at the age of 82, in North Korea, Kim II Sung, who has directed the designs of the nation since 1948, leading his country to political and international isolation.

2002.- The African Union (AU) is born in Durban (South Africa). Supranational organization whose objective is to achieve the political and economic integration of its member countries.

2003.- The Iranian conjoined twins Laleh and Ladan Bijani, 29, joined by the head and the trunk, die during the operation to separate them at Raffles Hospital (Singapore).

2004.- Mercosur accepts the application for entry from Mexico and Venezuela as “commercial partners” at the XXVI Summit of Heads of State in Puerto Iguazú (Argentina).

.- The Colombian Government offers a ceasefire to the National Liberation Army (ELN), “in reciprocity” to that announced by that guerrilla on June 1.

2007.- Chandra Shejar, former Indian Prime Minister who reorganized the Hindustan Republican Association, passes away.

2008.- The Mexican comedian, Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito”, arrives in Peru to present his play “11 y 12”, on his farewell tour of Latin America.

2009.- The Spanish Sacyr Vallermoso wins the contract for the construction of the third set of locks for the Panama Canal.

2010.- The Peruvian singer dies in Lima Rafael Matallana, “The Knight of the Creole Song.” He walked his voice through various countries of the world spreading Creole music.

2012.- Ernest Borgnine, an American actor of Italian origin, dies.

2014.- In the semifinal of the Soccer World Cup, Germany qualifies for the final after beating Brazil, host country of the Soccer World Cup and 5 times world champion, 7 to 1.

2015.- Greece formally requests the third aid program to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).

2017.- The Venezuelan opposition politician Leopoldo López is released from jail and is placed under house arrest.

2018.- Tab Hunter, an American actor, passes away, intervened in nearly forty titles between 1950 and 1996 and as a singer, managed to make his single “Young Love” number one on the 1957 Billboard.

2020.- Wayne Mixson, American politician, belonging to the Democratic Party dies.