Annette Bening: “It doesn’t matter what I do, because the director will choose the take” | Culture

Annette Bening, photographed in San Sebastián.Javier Hernandez

That the Donostia awards died after receiving the award was a legend that Jack Lemmon believed at face value. An opposite example is Annette Bening (Topeka, Arkansas, 1958), who after receiving that honor in 2004 has continued working —and losing at the Oscars—. In San Sebastian presents The look of the love, a well-intentioned job in which she plays a widow who doesn’t forget her husband … until she meets a physically identical man. Bening and Ed Harris, in the double role, surpass a script somewhat not because they are who they are: two of the greats. And that’s despite the fact that the actress has only made 24 films in her career. Today she brings out her best acting skills and smiles from ear to ear, although a backache keeps her stiff: “I’m full of pills and now I feel better, thank you. But I admit that I was scared ”.

On The look of the love, which opens in Spain on October 25, that feeling appears as something lonely and that only works if that person feels reciprocated. “Maybe only in that case, because it was born out of anger. The deepest love experiences are irrational, and you cannot intellectualize them. Hence, people do crazy things for love. “

Only 24 movies; it is very rare in such a famous actress such a small number. “I ‘ve been very lucky. I work little because I have four children [con Warren Beatty] and that limits the projects that I choose. If they are far from home, where do I travel … The cinema has become a business … Being popular has become something immense, and I’m not interested in fame, I focus on work. My first movie flopped. Nothing happened. The second, too. I stayed the same. And I thought it wasn’t going to get better. Suddenly, the thing curdled, fame came and I thought: ‘Now yes, this is what I was missing’. And just as that rush came, it left, because what I really love is the filming process, putting myself in front of the cameras and enjoying the experience, that things happen that surprise me ”.

Bening didn’t make it to the movies until she was 30 years old, because she was determined to become a stage actress. “The theater is very hard. Too much. There is an intellectual rigor that … But it is true that in cinema it does not matter what I do, because the director will choose the shot that he prefers. Whenever I watch my films, it surprises me that there are missing shots that I had a hard time shooting or that others appear that I didn’t even notice had been shot. However, there is evidence of my work. On the other hand, in the theater everything disappears. I love working with the camera, it is a luxury that I can afford ”.

At this point he does not regret many things: “If anything, I always think that I should talk more with my children. Man, there is a movie that I rejected and that later when I saw it I was pulling my hair, but I cannot confess the title ”. Among her successes, being so late to the cinema: “I was obsessed with classical theater and with taking the plays in free performances all over the country. She was very naive. Every time the cinema approached, I had better theatrical proposals. For years I felt like a stage actress pretending to be a movie star. From what I have seen, it is better to start older because it is terrible to be famous very young. You have not matured and suddenly you are popular, a strange thing. It can devastate you ”. Well, she is describing the youth of her husband, Warren Beatty. “Exactly. He did not enjoy college, in a second he became a star for Elia Kazan. It saved him that he knows how to live without luxuries and his curiosity about everything that happens ”.