Anne Hathaway could join Marvel with an iconic role


The actress who participated in the Batman trilogy with Christian Bale and Tom Hardy could now follow in her footsteps and change franchises. These are the roles they have prepared for her.

Anne Hathaway could join the MCU.
© GettyAnne Hathaway could join the MCU.

No one wants to be left out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Y Anne Hathaway, an expert in playing roles of all kinds, is one of the actresses tempted by the superhero franchise. Teen movies, dramas, comedies. The Oscar winner can do anything and, apparently, being part of the entertainment company that breaks box office records is a pending issue. Will it be fulfilled in the short term?

According to Giant Freaking Robot, the 39-year-old interpreter would have already completed the conversations with the company of Kevin Feige and would be preparing to give life to an iconic role in the MCU. At the moment it is unknown what his role will be in this cinematographic universe, but the theories were not long in coming from the fans. And it is that if Marvel Studios has made something clear, it is that there is always a huge list of future projects.

Although in recent years her film career has focused on roles of a very different style, it would not be the first time that Anne Hathaway has been involved in this type of film. It is that in 2012, he joined The Dark Knight Rises in the skin of Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman. In this way, he shared cast with Christian Bale – which will be Gorr in the next Thor movie – and with Tom Hardy –current interpreter of Venom– under the direction of Christopher Nolan in the trilogy of Batman.

How could the actress get to the MCU? A few say it will be Felicity Hardy (Black Cat), character from the universe of Spider-Man, which could find a perfect connection now that the multiverse is a fact on the screen. In any case, for a few months a rumor has insisted that this role will be assigned to Anya Taylor-Joy, one of the celebrities of the moment who shares a similar age with Tom Holland.

Of course the theory fantastic four It was not long in coming: it has been speculated for a long time who are the stars that Marvel Studios has in mind to readapt this phenomenon. If so, Anne Hathaway could bring to life Sue Storm, also known as The Invisible Woman. It will be a matter of time to discover what will be the important role that will be given to the multi-award winning actress!