Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson Get Unheard of in Compulsive Scammers | Film and Television

One is elegant, final, haughty and an expert in fooling everyone who gets ahead to achieve their goals. The other is a ramshackle scoundrel with no idea what elegance means. Josephine, who gives life Anne Hathaway, Y Penny, the character played by Rebel Wilson, are the protagonists of this story in which, simply, they seek to scam the men who cross their path.

The movie is a remake in a feminine key of a classic of the cinema of comedy that David Niven Y Marlon brando starred in 1964, under the title of Two Seducers, and that in 1988 Michael Caine Y Steve Martin they re-launched with the title of A pair of seducers. Now, thirty years later, this new version arrives in female form.

The film, hooligan and shameless in equal parts according to what we have seen in the advances that have been published, will tell how Josephine decides to be the mentor in the struggles of scam and deception of the lanky and always comical character of Penny.

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Anne Hathaway promises a display of wardrobe and glamor in her usual standards and the laughs are more than assured by that queen of physical comedy she’s becoming Rebel Wilson. Chris Addison, an actor that you may also know from Veep, is responsible for the direction of this project.

This is their official synopsis:

While Penny makes money by scamming men in bars, Josephine fills her safe with diamonds by trapping prey in fancy casinos. They both use very different methods, but they are masters in the art of plucking and emptying the pockets of men who have misbehaved with women. On COMPULSIVE SCAMMERS, Wilson’s talent for physical comedy combined with Hathaway’s withering humor is an incendiary mix that will explode as we follow the two leads trying to rip off a naive tech billionaire (Alex Sharp).

Compulsive Scammers It opens on May 10 and the laughs are more than assured.