Andrew Lincoln to return to a series after his departure from the Walking Dead


Andrew Lincoln played Rick Grimes for the first nine seasons of The Walking Dead. While preparing for the trilogy of films about his character, he confirmed his participation in a new fiction.

Lincoln worked on The Walking Dead between 2010 and 2018.
© IMDbLincoln worked on The Walking Dead between 2010 and 2018.

The Walking Dead It was known to be one of the best series on television, responsible for giving the zombie genre an air of freshness. Over time, the fiction began to fall into certain repetitions of its narrative structure and began to gain some detractors who sneaked in among the defenders of the show of AMC. Regardless of which side people stand on, it is clear that one of the most unforgivable losses for the series was that of Rick Grimes.

In the ninth season Andrew Lincoln left from The Walking Dead in an episode full of mystery. It was not clear what had happened to his character or if he was still alive, and the mystery will remain until the film trilogy announced about Rick Grimes, where what happened with the character will be expanded. In between, the actor’s career continued but away from the small screen.

Since his departure from The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln it was never part of a series again. This will change next year and it will be thanks to Guillermo del Toro. It was confirmed that the actor of Love Actually was hired for the anthological series that the Mexican filmmaker will make with the title Cabinet of Curiosities. Although there is little information about the theme of the show, some specific details were given about how the participation of Lincoln.

Cabinet of Curiosities was defined as “An unprecedented collection of stories designed to challenge our most traditional notions of horror”. There will be eight stories in total written by different scriptwriters and commanded by different directors, all chosen by del Toro. Jennifer Kent (Babadook) was in charge of writing the episode that will have Andrew Lincoln as the protagonist. The episode will be directed by Kent and was born from a story that initially thought Guillermo del Toro. The cast will be completed Essie Davis and Hannah Galway.

The limits in The Walking Dead

Although The Walking Dead It is a series designed for an adult audience, not everything is allowed in the show. Angela Kang, the showrunner that came to the series of AMC in the ninth installment and helped straighten the course, spoke with Digital Spy and revealed a curious detail that surrounds each episode of the production. Apparently, the dark has a limit for the executives of the signal.

“Because we are on a basic cable network in the United States, we have a certain freedom to be obscure. But at the same time, we can’t go that far on certain platforms. “revealed Kang. After remarking that since AMC have all the support counted: “There are kind of strict rules on language in the United States. We are a little more sensitive to language than to violence, if that tells you something. So they tend to be like, ‘You have too many swear words. Can you cut a little? ‘ But we’re pretty good at self-regulating as needed. “.