Andrew Lincoln talks about the movie!

Andrew Lincoln gave an interview where he revealed the future of the film about The Walking Dead.

Andrew Lincoln, the actor who played Rick Grimes in the series of AMC: The Walking Dead, who left the show after until the ninth season, in order to focus on his family. Since then, there are plans to create a movie of The Walking Dead where the future of his character is explored, and in this regard the actor revealed some details in an interview with SFX Magazine:

I’m not filming right now. I’m still very locked up. We are very excited about how and when we will go into production, there is talk that it will be in the spring. I can’t wait to get those cowboy boots. “

Andrew Lincoln for SFX Magazine.

Andrew Lincoln He was questioned about the possibility of returning in a new season before making his appearance on the big screen, however he considers that it is too early to assure something: “That is a very good question. The answer is easy: I have no idea. “ He also explained that he would never refuse such a proposal, mainly because he has many friends on the recording.

What is a fact, is that there will be Lincoln for much longer, and the actor will also be behind the screen serving as producer on the film: I’ve signed for more than one tape. I am a producer on it. I will not direct, because I do not like to see myself, so it would be a counterproductive exercise. “

Finally, the interpreter mentioned that all the questions about future projects of The Walking Dead could have an answer in the coming months: “I can not wait. I’m very excited to expand the scale and scope of the story, and find out where Rick is. “

Andrew Lincoln

Moviegoers and moviegoers, are you excited about Andrew Lincoln’s return to The Walking Dead?