Andrew Lincoln (Rick) tried to save a character

Actor Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead once tried to avoid a death sentence for a character on the show.

Axel (Lew Temple) was one of the characters that first appeared in the premiere of the third season of The Walking Dead. At that time Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of survivors of the zombie apocalypse They claimed a seemingly abandoned Georgia prison before discovering a group of prisoners still inside. Temple’s character was the last surviving member of that group until he was shot and killed by the governor (David Morrissey) during a surprise assault on the prison in episode 10 of season 3, titled “Home”.

“I thought Axel was going to be an integral part of the survival group.“Said the actor Lew Temple. “By virtue of The Walking Dead graphic novels, I knew very well that he dies, but I was thinking that maybe it wasn’t going to come as fast as it did.”. Temple felt that her character was really going to be a big part of the show before she got a call from the then showrunner. Glen Mazzara, who told him that Axel was going to take a bullet as he approached Carol (Melissa McBride).

“He explained to me that things moved fast”Temple said. “The governor was going to appear, he had to draw the first blood. He can’t drop a ton of shots and not do any damage, or he would be essentially powerless. “

The actor tried to convince Glen Mazzara to kill Allen (Daniel Thomas May), a newcomer to The Walking Dead who appeared as part of the group led by Tyreese (Chad Coleman) before joining the governor’s army. Temple was told that Axel’s death would hurt, and it would be of value.

The protagonist of the series tried to save the character.

They notified me three weeks in advance. At that time they asked me not to speak about it because it was not set in stone “added. “In fact, Andrew Lincoln then went to production, to the producers of The Walking Dead, and he said, I think we’re making a mistake here, let’s not do this yet.”

It seems they didn’t pay much attention to Andrew Lincoln. Since the writers and producers The Walking Dead continued with their plan. “There were people who came to me and said: I’m sorry, I heard about Axel’s death. Dude, you have no idea how close I was to being you. “. Lew Temple said.

Temple also previously revealed that Axel was supposed to be exposed as a serial killer who would have killed Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), the stepsister of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and the youngest daughter of Hershel (Scott Wilson). Those plans were changed due to Axel’s affability, according to Temple.

Before Lincoln exited The Walking Dead in its ninth season, actor Rick Grimes “It was our Tom Brady”Temple said. “It was our number one”.

“The Walking Dead was a huge success, I think, because everyone was very interested in it being a success. We work hard”, added Temple. “We really did something today, and we have to do better tomorrow. This is how we always approach it, and Andrew Lincoln was the leader of that. He was the main entertainer ”.