Andrew Lincoln leaves ‘the walking dead’ to return to the character of Rick Grimes in movies

This text includes spoilers of the last broadcast episode of The walking dead. The AMC channel and the producers of the series had warned that we would see the last scenes of Andrew Lincoln in the series and it has been. But what we didn’t expect is that Rick Grimes would disappear by helicopter … because Lincoln to reprise the character of Rick in movies for theaters.

“It is not the beginning of the end, it is the end of the beginning,” explained the British actor in Talking dead, the talk show which airs in the United States after each episode is broadcast. There he confirmed that we would not stop seeing him as Rick Grimes but simply AMC Studios is preparing character-centric films in his new stage away from his loved ones.

It is not the beginning of the end, it is the end of the beginning “

The actor acknowledged that it was a “very exciting proposition” when they told him to star in movies centered on his character and where I could continue exploring the universe of The walking dead, first created in 2003 by Robert Kirkman in comic form. “Maybe it’s the beginning of a bigger story,” he said.

This surprise midway through the ninth season finally makes sense of AMC’s decision to remove Scott Gimple from showrunner to focus on coordinating the fictional universe of The walking dead (Angela Kang now holds the reins of the series). At that time it was already indicated that the television phenomenon could be squeezed in movie theaters but it was difficult to visualize the appeal of these films, taking into account that the spin-off of Fear the walking dead it has never been able to compare in terms of success with the mother series.

Andrew Lincoln in a picture from his last episode.


Now that it has been revealed that the protagonist of The walking dead will be responsible for headlining these films, AMC Studios’ hopes of making the brand profitable in theaters are understandable. “These movies will be great evolutions of what we’ve been doing in the series, with the scope and scale of motion pictures.”explained Gimple, who will write the script for this first film.

This will make it possible to discover “unseen worlds of The walking dead and faces from the past “, in addition to new characters, with the aim of telling “different stories” but taking advantage of the same world that they have explored for almost a decade on television. And what will the first movie tell? Well, Rick’s story from the moment a helicopter assists him when he appears to be mortally wounded. Where did they take you? How was he cured? How can Rick not go back to Judith and Michonne?

This first film by The walking deadIn addition, it is already about to be filmed: In 2019 Andrew Lincoln will step into Rick Grimes’ boots again. All those who regretted losing sight of him may feel relieved (while others may feel ripped off after all of Lincoln’s farewell tour). If it works, the idea is that he stars in a trilogy like Rick Grimes. AMC has an entire strategic plan to squeeze the brand from The walking dead over the next decade, a very ambitious plan if we take into account that the series is setting audience lows with this ninth season.

The plan is to shoot a trilogy and the first film will begin filming in 2019 ”