Andrew Lincoln could return to the series

The Walking Dead arrived in the middle of its tenth season, and many fans are waiting for the fate of the characters. Along the same lines, many wonder if Andrew Lincoln will return to the series. The showrunner answers the big question.

The Walking Dead it is already in the middle of its tenth season. Unsurprisingly, many fans wonder what will happen to the characters in the next instance and if some of the actors who left fiction will return. As a result of this, the showrunner of the series answers the big question of whether Andrew Lincoln return.

In this batch of episodes of The Walking Dead we will see the farewell of Michonne, who will join the list of disappeared along with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) y Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan). Although it has already been confirmed that Maggie will return as a series regular in the following season, many wonder if the same possibility is also possible for Rick.. For that reason, Angela Kang has spoken about it in an interview for Deadline.

The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln could return to the series

Will we see Rick again?

During the interview, the outlet asked if there was any possibility that Andrew Lincoln will return to The Walking Dead: “Not this season, but I would love to. We were talking to him about directing something for a while, but he wanted to focus on acting. He didn’t want to leave us hanging at the last minute if a project came to him and he’s been making a movie lately “.

Although this answer doesn’t seem very hopeful, Kang claims that the door is open.: “Andy, you can come back anytime you want”. What we are sure of is that the actor will return to the universe of The Walking Dead, but through three films that, at the moment, are planned. The actress Pollyanna McIntosh, who gives life to Formerly / Anne, commented on them: “We are going to explore other worlds never seen before in this universe once we discover what happened after Rick disappeared”.