Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal team up for a new movie

Although we could already see Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal together in ‘Nocturnal Animals’, now the actors bring us another surprise. The producers of both obtained the rights to develop and produce scientist Suzanne Simard’s newly published memoir, ‘Finding the Mother Tree’.

Amy Adams will be the protagonist

The book broadly, as Deadline mentions, tells of Simard’s unique journey as a mother and scientist. Reveals What trees, living side by side for hundreds of years, evolve and communicate underground by a web of fungi.

His groundbreaking discoveries were initially dismissed and ridiculed, but now they are backed by research.. Today the Knopf imprint published his memoirs.

The work done by the scientist is highly praised, mainly for having a “planetary meaning”. It is even said that has influenced creative works such as James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, and author Richard Powers.

Suzanne Simard

Stacey O’Neil, co-founder of the Bond Group production company along with Adams, said that the book ” we were excited about a narrative about the amazing power of nature and the compelling parallels in Suzanne’s personal life. ”

” It is not just a beautiful memory about the shocking life of a woman. It is also a call to action to protect, understand and connect with the natural world, “O’Neil added. The project also will be starred by Adams, who will play Simard.

For his part, Gyllenhaal and his partner of the productora Nine Stories, Riva Marker, described the project as ‚Äúpart of a lovely memory, part of an intensive course in forest ecology”.

We are delighted to partner with Amy, Stacy and their company, and Suzanne Simard to adapt this majestic story to the cinema “, they mention from Nine Stories.

Even if production is just starting of this feature film, there is no doubt that it will be a great success in the future.