Amanda Bynes reappears rehabilitated from depression and drugs | People and Famous

In Hollywood, there are dozens of child stars who, after a promising start in the entertainment industry, have seen their future evaporate like smoke. Some of them voluntarily left, others were displaced into oblivion by this ungrateful industry that did not quite explain why. But there is a last group that, despite having an exhausted career, are constantly on the covers and in the media spotlight, no longer because of their performances on the screens, but for their actions outside of them. Amanda Bynes is part of the latter group, that of disgraced star children.

Starting her career at the young age of seven, Bynes catapulted herself as the most popular girl on the Nikelodeon channel with the series that would bear her name: The Amanda Show. After several successes on the big screen such as Big Fat Liar Y A dream for her, the Californian, now 32 years old, was beginning to know international fame and all that it entails. That’s how in 2012, the actress who once won five Kids’ Choice Awards, began a nosedive that would eclipse all her previous achievements.

Illegal drug possession, throwing a bong with marijuana from the window of her apartment due to the arrival of the police and numerous traffic problems due to driving under the influence of narcotics, are just some of the charges that faced her in court in a few months. This, added to the images in which he set fire to his pants at the entrance of his house or in which he shaved his popular blonde hair, certified in a too public way that something was happening in the life of the young interpreter.

Finally, in 2013, Bynes agreed to be admitted to a detoxification center and, in December of that same year, her parents obtained legal custody of the artist who lived the following months under their care. In this way, her years on the screens were behind her and, in return, a new Amanda was raised determined to get her degree in fashion designer at the Parsons School of Design in New York. The spotlights were turned off, the paparazzi stopped following her on the street and their social networks, accustomed to great activity, showed a new silence.

This was the life of the American interpreter for the last four years until last Tuesday she decided to break her isolation in an interview for the magazine Paper. An interview that seeks to clarify what happened during her lower years and that symbolizes the interpreter’s desire to leave her controversial past behind.

According to the actress, her decline began in 2006 after the premiere of the film She is the boy. In this, the Californian played the role of Viola, a teenager who pretends to be her brother at school and ends up falling in love with her partner, played by Channing Tatum. “When I saw the movie I went into a period of depression for four to six months because I did not like how I saw myself as a boy,” confesses the actress. “It was a super strange experience that gave me a slump,” he adds.

From that moment on, the young woman, who until then had shown a slender and carefree figure, began to focus her attention on the shape of her body and how it looked on the screen. Bynes recalls that when he began filming the film adaptation of Hairspray (2007) saw an article in a magazine that spoke of the stimulant drug Adderall as “the new diet pill”, something that immediately caught their attention.

“Everyone was talking about how many women took it to stay skinny, so I said to myself: ‘I have to get one of those,” says the protagonist of What I like about you. This is how the child star went to a psychiatrist and faked symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to get the drug that little by little began to affect his work.

“When I was recording White card [en 2010], I remember being in the trailer chewing Adderall tablets and not being able to concentrate on my dialogues, “reveals Bynes. This, added to her bodily insecurities, ended up driving her crazy and the actress gave up comedy in the middle of the recording.” What I did was unprofessional, to leave like this and leave them with everything hanging when they had already spent so much money, “now admits the interpreter who remembers that moment as the beginning of the end.

Months after his outburst, Bynes went to the presentation of the film in which he starred alongside Emma Stone, Easy A, which ended up throwing her into the abyss. “I could not stand my appearance in that film and I did not like my performance either. After seeing it I was convinced that I should stop acting,” says the Californian.

That was how at the age of 24 he decided to retire from the entertainment industry through a Twitter post, something that she herself describes as a “silly” mistake caused by the drugs she used at the time. Without a job and with an uncertain future, the interpreter saw herself “without a purpose in life” and lost her way. “I had too much free time, so I spent the whole day smoking,” he reveals. “I really focused on drugs and my world became very dark and sad.”

But his withdrawal from the screens was followed by unusual activity on his social networks. After several publications with sexual content or with direct criticism of other artists in the environment, the actress’s followers began to worry about her mental stability. Now Bynes denies that he had any bipolar disorder or problem as reported in the media, and instead blames drugs exclusively for his erratic behavior. “I’m really very ashamed of the things I said. I can’t go back in time, but if I could, I would. I’m very sorry if I hurt someone or if I told lies, because my conscience really eats away at me. I feel sad and disgusted.” he admits. “On Twitter, I ruined everything I had worked for my whole life. (…) [Cada vez que estaba fumada] it was as if an alien had invaded my body, “he adds.

But despite everything she’s been through and the lack of pity the media has shown her, Bynes is ready to get back on board. ring and fight for a new space in the industry. “I am not afraid of the future. I have been through the worst, I have come to the other side and I have survived, so I feel that from here I only have one way up,” he concludes.