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During the week of June 7 to 13, the platforms AXN, Netflix, Disney +, Sundance TV, Apple TV + and Movistar + are preparing for the arrival of some important series and films and for which we have been waiting for weeks.

Among others, we will meet again with our favorite Marvel villain in Loki, we will prepare for the return of famous and elusive thief Lupin, and Sundance TV brings us Room 301, a thriller nordic black narrated in two stages that promises to keep us glued to our television.

Monday, June 7

‘Criminal Intuition’ – Season 2 (AXN)

‘Criminal Intuition’


Angelika Schnell, whose last name means fast in German, is a police detective who also works part time as a mother. Portrayed by Ursula Strauss, the protagonist of Criminal Intuition You will have to learn to separate the world of work from your personal life in the same way that you manage to solve all the cases that come your way, all while sharing an office with your ex-husband, the head of the forensic department, and his other colleagues policemen.

Wednesday, June 9

‘Loki’ – Temporada 1 (Disney+)

‘Loki’ | Premiere | Disney +

After what happened in Avengers: Endgame, It seemed impossible to see the God of lies again, but Loki He will reappear, to tell us what he has been up to since then. In the six-episode series directed by Kate Herron (Sex Education) and scripted by Michael Waldron (Rick and morty), we will know more about Thor’s stepbrother and Marvel’s most beloved villain, which will be played again by Tom Hiddleston.

‘The 100’ – Season 7 (Netflix)

'The 100'

97 years have passed since the destruction of life on Earth, and the survivors that remain now live in huge spaceships. As a vital project, 100 young people are sent to Earth, among which are Claire Griffin (Eliza Taylor) o Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), to analyze the conditions in which the planet is found and thus be able to re-inhabit it. Once they land in what had been their home, they will realize that they are not as alone as they thought and will have to organize and agree to ensure their survival.

The series based on the books by Kass Morgan and developed by Jason Rothenberg It will thus include all its episodes on the platform, where we will see again the end of the protagonists of the successful story that had already been broadcast on SyFy.

‘Dysomnia’ – Movie (Netflix)

‘Dysomnia’ | Trailer | Netflix

Directed by Mark Raso, which I had already done Kodachrome con Netflix, Disomnia raises an apocalypse in which suddenly the electronic devices stop working and people are unable to sleep, no matter how hard they try. In spite of everything, there will always be a small glimmer of hope to which the characters, played by Gina Rodríguez (Jane the Virgin), Ariana Greenblatt, Shamier Anderson (Wynonna Earp), Frances Fisher (Titanic), Finn Jones (Iron Fist), Lucius Hoyos, Gil Bellows, Jennifer Jason Leigh (Atypical) and Barry Pepper (Save Private Ryan).

‘Tragic Jungle’ – Movie (Netflix)

‘Selva Trágica’ | Trailer | Netflix

Deep in the Mayan lands, on the border between Mexico and Belize, a group of Mexicans will undertake a long journey with the mysterious young Agnes (Indira Rubie Adrewin). Along the way of this story created by Yulene Olaizola, they will be aware of the tragic mistake of having awakened Xtabay, an ancient legend that will threaten you from the heart of the jungle in which they are.

Thursday, June 10

‘Room 301’ – Miniseries (Sundance TV)

‘Room 301’ | Promo | Sundance TV

For the Familia Kurttis, the summer vacation will not be as they had planned, having to face the sudden death of the little Tommi, a two-year-old boy who is shot dead. The only suspect is Elijah, a teenager who is also staying in the area and who will be blamed for the murder from the beginning. Twelve years later, the family receives a mysterious and threatening letter that will return them to their dark past. The Kurttis will meet again with Elías, who spies on them from room 301 of the tourist complex in which they are.

SundanceTV present this thiller nordic black marked by the darkness of the story, the coldness of the photography and the slow pace of its narration.

Friday, June 11

‘Lupin’ – Parte 2 (Netflix)

‘Lupine’ | Trailer | Part 2 | Netflix

In the first installment of chapters we were introduced to Assane Diop (interpreted by Omar Sy, from Untouchable), a White glove thief quite skillful I was looking for avenge the unjust death of his father at the hands of a very powerful rich man. Through a master plan, Assane will go back to work in the second part of the series, trying to do justice and re-embody the character of the novelas by Maurice Leblanc.

‘The Dragon of Wishes’ – Movie (Netflix)

‘The dragon of wishes’ | Trailer | Netflix

On The dragon of wishes, the story of Din, a humble college student whose best friend is Long, a very powerful dragon capable of granting wishes. Both will undertake a networked journey through Shanghai to find Lina, a childhood friend of Din.

In the course of their journey they will discover that it is important to reflect on what is the most essential in life, in order to be able to value it when it is desired with all our strength.

‘Home Before Dark’ – Temporada 2 (Apple TV+)

‘Home Before Dark’ | Tráiler Temporada 2 | Apple TV+

In the series of Dana Fox Y Dara Resnik Creasey in order to Apple TV+, a young woman begins to feel tremendously curious about an unsolved case when she decides to visit her father. After starting the investigation and having encountered even more mysteries and unknowns, Hilde Lisko (Brooklynn Prince) will return in the second season, where she will try Find out more about the Richie Fife kidnapping.

However, his steps forward will mean the uncovering of even more unanswered questions, also discovering little by little what are the secrets that the inhabitants of his father’s town hide.

‘Everything is going to be fine’ – Season 1 (Movistar +)

'Everything is going to be fine'

‘Everything is going to be fine’

Movistar +

Nicholas (Josh Thomas) decides to travel to the United States with her little stepsisters to see her father, although they end up finding out that this is near to death. Nicholas will have to take over girls as tutor since then, with the particular difficulty that he is not the most responsible twenty-something and that Matilda (Kayla Cromer) is a girl who is on the autism spectrum and Genevieve (Maeve Press) is about to start puberty.

However, in this series by himself Josh Thomas, also creator of Please like me, it will be tried that things “go well”, improvising a most peculiar family that manages to function despite everything.

Sunday, June 13

‘Blindspotting’ – Temporada 1 (Starzplay)

‘Blindspotting’ | Premiere | Starzplay

Returning to the initial story that arises in the film of the same name, Rafael Casal Y Daveed Diggs, also protagonists of the same, decided to recover the idea and write and produce this comedy.

It tells a story set months after the film that focuses on Ashley (Jasmine Cephas Jones), a middle-class woman who lives the best time of her life until their partner Miles is imprisoned (Rafael Casal). From then on you will have to rearm the chaos absorbing your routine and move in with Miles’s mother and stepsister.

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