Alexandra Daddario, Most Wanted Baywatch

Rose to fame with a starring role in the apocalyptic movie San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”. Now, the interpreter returns to repeat co-star in the film adaptation of the mythical series of the 90s, The Baywatch, which will hit theaters on May 19.

Photo: Gtres Online

Alexandra Daddario is already considered the sexiest baywatch.

“She carries Baywatch to another level. The world fell in love with Alexandra Daddario in San Andreas and I was so impressed by her features and presence every day, that I had to have her on the team in the movie. “, public Dwayne Johnson, known as “La Roca”, on his personal Instagram account along with a photograph of the couple in full shooting.

The actor returns to share project with Daddario in the remake from The Baywatch and the New Yorker is running as one of the great promises for this 2016. But Alexandra is not the only sexy face that we are going to find in this film that promises to be a parade of sculptural bodies on the big screen. Kelly Rohrbach, former fiancee of actor Leonardo DiCaprio, has been selected to give life to C.J., the blonde vigilante.

The male cast is also interesting. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (A space and a half and Fast & Furious) and Zac Efron will be in charge of inheriting the iconic red trunks and touring the coast of Miami and Savannah. Whoever was a student in High School Musical is dedicated to this new project and this is reflected in the impressive transformation that his body has undergone. The 28-year-old actor has undergone hard workouts and a not-so-simple diet with which he is strictly forbidden to eat carbohydrates and sugars and only allows him to eat organic products

We will have to wait for the next may 19 to see the final result on the big screen.