After years, did Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson meet again?


Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson starred, between 2007 and 2010, in one of the most iconic romances in Hollywood. And, after years, was there a reunion between them? We tell you!

Scarlett Johansson y Ryan Reynolds
© GettyScarlett Johansson y Ryan Reynolds

As the years go by, Hollywood’s favorite couples change and, although they are now Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, at some point Scarlett Johansson Y Ryan Reynolds They held that position. The actors, between 2007 and 2010, lived one of the most passionate romances of the moment to the point that in September 2008 they got married, implying that their bond could last much longer than it did.

There is still no exact date or proof of how it was, but everything indicates that Scarlett Johansson Y Ryan Reynolds They started dating after he broke off his wedding plans with Alanis Morissette. However, not everything was rosy because, after 15 months of marriage, the Marvel stars decided to end their relationship. It was through a statement, which they released together, in which they announced their separation.

After long and careful consideration by both parties, we have decided to end our marriage. We entered a relationship with love and it is with love and kindness that we leave it.”, the writing said. And, after this announcement was made public in 2010, it was in 2011 the last time they were heard of as a couple since, in that year, it was when they finalized their divorce. But, in 2021 both interpreters returned to monopolize all the headlines.

This is because the possibility of the two working together began to circulate, for the first time, at Marvel. However, according to what transpired, Reynolds would have done the impossible because Johansson is not part of his new film, Deadpool 3 and that would have been his ultimate condition to work with the MCU. “They’re not on the best of terms, so the MCU will make sure they don’t meet or work together in the studio.”, journalist Daniel Richtman announced on his Twitter account.

In any case, no matter how much time passes, fans are still intrigued if, after years apart, Scarlett Johansson Y Ryan Reynolds they met again sometime after their divorce. But, the reality is that there are no records that this “gathering” ever existed. Neither for work, nor for friendship, much less as a love reunion has it been known that the actors have seen each other’s faces again more than in some other public event.

In addition, it should be noted that each one rebuilt his life separately. She, for her part, is happily married to Colin Jost, with whom she had her first child last year. As for Ryan, he has been married for years to actress Blake Lively with whom he has three daughters and is the star of one of the most suitable marriages in the Industry.