After the storm, Felicity Huffman’s daughter announces that she was admitted to a university

After having a hard time being involved in college admissions fraud, it appears that the family of Felicity Huffman has resumed the path. Well, everything indicates that the actress’s daughter has announced that she will attend Vassar University in 2020. This good news comes just a month after the protagonist of Desperate Housewives left prison after participating in a manipulation of the admission test results of one of his daughters so that she could enter the university of her choice.



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Felicity Huffman is released from prison two days before serving her sentence

This speculation has come after the message Vassar 2024 appeared in her biography on Georgia Macy’s Instagram (referring to the year in which you would graduate). That same day, the school logo appeared on his Instagram account, it was published in his stories with a smiling Emoji and hearts, as reported in Dailymail. Georgia is not the daughter of the actress who was involved in the fraud, the case focused on the admission process of Sophia Grace.

It was said that Felicity intended to do the same for Georgia but chose not to. Now it must be said that the university that has admitted Georgia is one with a difficult admissions process, a source of pride for the young woman. Although it is not known what she would study if true, her father, actor William H. Macy, told Parade magazine earlier this year that she was interested in politics; statements that were given prior to the scandal that engulfed his family.

Felicity had to spend 11 days in prison – of the 14 to which she was sentenced – after pleading guilty to having paid to have her daughter’s admission test results manipulated. In an FBI investigation in which several rich and famous were involved, Felicity was one of the first to accept her guilt and collaborate with justice, so her sentence was far less than that faced by those who have decided not to plead. guilty. For now, the actress continues to fulfill the 250 hours of community service that were assigned as a sentence.

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