After the role, “Cyberpunk 2077” returns to PlayStation but the developer warns that it still has flaws

Cyberpunk 2077, the videogame which has the participation of Keanu Reeves, continues with erratic gait. After being removed from the store PlayStation due to a series of failures, the game returned to that platform but the developers acknowledge that they can still present performance issues.

CD Projekt Red, the studio responsible for the game also known for titles like The Witcher, announced with great fanfare that Cyberpunk 2077 It would be available again this week on the PlayStation Store, a move that was finalized. But a tweet posted by the developers let the foam down: “Users may continue to experience some performance issues with the PS4 edition., while we continue to improve stability between platforms, ”they said.

They also commented that in PS4 Pro and PS5 the best gaming experience is achieved on Sony consoles

Cyberpunk 2077: much ado About Nothing

The delivery of the Polish studio CD Projekt Red was one of the most anticipated in recent years. The game debuted in early December 2020 after almost ten years of development and numerous delays. But against the anxiety generated, Cyberpunk 2077 became one of the biggest fiascos in the industry gamer contemporary.

He had everything to succeed: action in a dystopian world, a mercenary in settings laden with details and characters. What’s more has the participation of stars of the entertainment world, such as Keanu Reeves, which incidentally sparked an expectation that led to millions of bookings prior to the game’s launch.

Perhaps the expectation was excessive. The title had a nightmare debut– plagued with performance and graphical glitches, retail stores and console makers had to offer full refunds. In this context, as we have here, Sony decided to withdraw it from its catalog for PlayStation, giving buyers all the money they invested. GameStop, a major video game retailer, accepted returns even if shoppers opened the product, a practice that goes against its traditional policy.

An advertisement for CD Projekt’s “Cyberpunk 2077” video game in Gdynia, Poland.For: Peter Pawlowski | (Foto: Reuters)

The early release of Cyberpunk 2077 was not only a disaster for gamers but also for the company that developed it. At the end of last year it became known that an investor filed a lawsuit against CD Projekt claiming it was misled about the performance of the game, which caused sharp falls in the price of the company’s shares. The complaint indicates that the company did not explain that the game is “nearly impossible to use” and instead marketed it as a stable product.

To top it all, hackers breached CD Projekt Red’s systems and organized an auction of the stolen source code of the games Cyberpunk 2077 Y The Witcher for millions of dollars in a clandestine digital marketplace.

With the new arrival in the PlayStation store, CD Projekt Red said that those who bought the game and own a PS4 or Xbox One will receive a free copy for PS5 or Xbox Series X / S, respectively. This version will be available during the second half of the current year.