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The award to the 86-year-old veteran actress recognizes her long film career, which began in 1964.


The Queen Letizia from Spain has made this Sunday the first appearance of his summer stay in Palma with the delivery to the actress Judi Dench, who has played British queens on several occasions, of the award “Masters of Cinema”, With which the 11th edition of the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest.

The queen, in a dark dress, has been enthusiastic to greet Dench and also the British director Stephen Frears, author of films such as “Dangerous friendships” O “The Queen”, who has received the same award for last year, which I cannot collect due to the pandemic.

“In 1950, it was the first time that I was on this island, with which I fell completely in love and with everything that is on it. And I never imagined that 70 years later, I would be here. I am deeply overwhelmed, ”Dench confessed after receiving the award from Mrs. Letizia.

The award to the 86-year-old veteran actress recognizes her long film career, which began in 1964.

GRAF794. PALMA DE MALLORCA, 07/31/2021.- British actress and writer Judi Dench poses during the presentation at the Atlántida Mallorca Film Festival of a new adaptation of the popular sitcom, ghosts and impossible love triangles “A spirit mocking “, by Noël Coward, which has a luxurious cast. EFE / Cati Cladera
Photo: EFE

In 1999, she won an Oscar for her performance in “Shakespeare in Love,” in which she played Queen Elizabeth I.

This is not the only time Dench has stepped into the shoes of a British monarch, as he played Queen Victoria in “Mrs. Brown” and “Victoria and Abdul”.

Other tapes that have marked his career have been those of the James Bond saga in which he played M – “GoldenEye”, “The tomorrow Never Die”,Die another day “ O “Casino Royale“- in addition to their roles as Shakespearean ladies in”Hamlet” O “Macbeth”.

Before handing over the statuette to Dench, the queen has done the same with Frears, who at 80, has also received recognition for her extensive career, in which in three of her productions she had the lady of the cinema in the cast British, among them, “Victoria and Abdul”.

British actress Judi Dench (left) holds her Masters of Cinema award in the presence of Spanish Queen Letizia during the closing ceremony of the 11th edition of the Atlántida Mallorca Film Festival in Palma de Mallorca on August 1, 2021. (Photo JAIME REINA / AFP) Photo: – JAIME REINA

As the culmination of the evening, almost a century later, the silent film “The political boss” (1925), a French production of which the trace was lost and evoking the time of the Spanish flu, has been re-released.

Work of the silent film director André Hugon, who died in 1960, it was believed lost after its inadvertent premiere almost a hundred years ago in cinemas in Spain and France and after being recovered, it has been restored by the Spanish Film Library and the Sound and Sound Archive. Image of Mallorca (ASIM).

The film, shot in Mallorca, starts in a hospital where patients affected by the Spanish flu are treated, so it bears a parallel with the current moment.

It also shows human ambition, political corruption, social unrest, and social struggle.

The festival, which began on July 26, is organized by Filmin, the largest Spanish film portal on the internet. (AND)