Actress Felicity Huffman is released from prison

Felicity Huffman He leaves prison eleven days after entering. This has been reported by some local media such as the magazine People, which has published that the 56-year-old actress has left the Dublin Low Security Federal Correctional Institution, California, where he was serving a sentence since last October 15.

The protagonist of Desperate women a total of 14 days in the penitentiary for his involvement in the plot of bribes in universities Americans and, therefore, abandon it this Sunday. However, he has been able to finish his time in prison three days earlier than planned. According to the aforementioned medium, the statement of the Bureau of Prisons of the Department of Justice of the United States details that this is a measure normal for inmates who are scheduled to be released on weekends.

Huffman entered prison last Tuesday

During the interpreter’s imprisonment, which occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday last week, her representative stated that Huffman was “prepared to serve the period of incarceration ordered by the juez talwani as part of the punishment he imposed for his actions ”.

After that, just three days later, People confirmed that during her stay in prison, her husband, also an actor William H. Macy, 69, and her little daughter Georgia, 17, visited her at least once, in which the interpreter was dressed in the corresponding uniform, as could be seen in some published images.

Felicity Huffman in the jail uniform

entscoop / instagram

As already reported last week, the actions you alluded to Huffman When he spoke of amending his mistakes in prison, they had to do directly with the controversial plot of bribery of American universities, which incriminated several celebrities such as the actress from Desperate women or the interpreter too Lori Laughlin , to which new charges have been imputed in recent days. The vast majority of those implicated in this scandal are accused of bribing university employees or intermediaries to guarantee their children’s access to certain institutions and, in the particular case of the winner of a Emmy, the crime is reduced to falsifying the result of the university entrance test of his daughter Sophia.

Last May Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty to having paid admissions consultant Rick Singer $ 15,000 for him to modify the answers of his daughter’s entrance exam, after which she was sentenced to two weeks in federal prison (which have concluded prematurely), to pay a fine of more than $ 30,000, to serve about 250 hours community service and one year of probation.