Actress Amanda Bynes (former Disney star) is pregnant with her first child

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Amanda Bynes (33 years old), known for her roles in romantic comedies in the 2000s, you are pregnant with your first child. The actress’s partner, Paul Michael, has been in charge of announcing on their social networks that they are expecting a child.

The tattoo artist has released the good news through an emotional publication on his Instagram, with a screenshot showing an ultrasound with Bynes’s name. “Baby getting“Michael wrote next to the image that hours later he has removed from his profile. Amanda has not yet commented on it.

Ultrasound capture of Amanda Bynes’s future baby.

This news has surprised the followers of the actress by the ups and downs of her relationship with Paul Michael. The last of their crises took place at the beginning of this month, when the interpreter deleted all the photos of them together on their social networks. The future father, for his part, confirmed the break with In Touch and added: “In spite of everything, I love her, she is my best friend.”

A few words that he later denied, explaining that the former Disney star it had not been the one who had deleted his snapshots, rather, it had been a hacker who had hacked into his account.

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My baby

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Their reconciliation was confirmed when they announced on their Instagram profile that they were engaged, through a post in which you could see their intertwined hands wearing two rings. “My love (my love)” and “My baby (my baby)”, they wrote next to the photographs.

A life of addictions

After you’ve been one of the most famous actresses in the 2000s, starring in blockbuster titles like She is the boy O A dream for her, Amanda Bynes’s career plummeted after plunging into a life of drug and alcohol addictions.

Amanda Bynes was a well-known actress in the 2000s.

Amanda Bynes was a well-known actress in the 2000s.

At only 19 years old, he was already a star who earned more than $ 2.5 million a year (according to data from Forbes) and that she was subjected to a high level of work. She herself explained that in 2006 recording She is the boy It was a “stressful experience” that made her obsess over her physical appearance: “When the movie came out and I saw it, I went into a deep depression for four or six months because I didn’t like how I looked as a child. I never said that to anyone “, he assured in an interview in 2018 with the magazine Paper.

Over time his obsession focused on his weight, and began taking Adderall, which was considered the new diet pill because its side effects included decreased appetite and weight loss. “They were talking about how women took it to stay slim and I thought, ‘Well, I have to get down to business,'” she added.

His addiction to this drug, along with the use of cocaine and ecstasy, reached such a level that in June 2010 He announced via Twitter that he was stopping acting. “I know 24 years is a very young age to retire, but they have the scoop, I have retired. Being an actress is not as fun as it seems. If I no longer love something, I stop doing it. I no longer love acting, so I have stopped doing it, “he wrote.

After stopping acting Amanda Bynes starred in several scandals.

After stopping acting Amanda Bynes starred in several scandals.

After retiring, Amanda was involved in various scandals which led to arrests for possession and use of marijuana, as well as several car accidents for driving under the influence of alcohol.

In 2014, she was admitted to a rehabilitation center in Los Angeles for setting a fire on the door of a stranger. Bynes was sentenced to three years of probation, to take an alcohol education course and to pay a reckless driving fine.

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My love 🖤

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After undergoing a program to treat her alcoholism and drug problems, Amanda has returned to her day to day and continues to be treated in a specialist center of your mental problems.

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