Aaron Paul is and the lessons to dress well when you go over 30

Aaron Paul won over series fans when he appeared as Jesse Pinkman en Breaking Bad.

Pinkman was definitely not a role model, he did not have a good life (although he thought otherwise), he was always in trouble and, in terms of style, he had a lot to grow and learn, but, behind the character was a person real, who, although not mentioned much, turns out to be one of the best dressed men, who shows the world that evolving and adjusting to new stages of life (in terms of personal style) can give great results.

Aaron Paul He is no longer the lazy drug dealer we met in Breaking Bad and, although that is the character for whom we will remember him the most (or at least in the case of those who watched all seasons of the series with Bryan Cranston), it’s about time we also gave him the recognition he deserves for his style.

Also, Paul is one of those men who end up confirming that, when it comes to looking good, there are three things that are very important: you need a good haircut and beard style (that can transform your appearance), clothes you It should look good and it is important that you wear things that make you feel comfortable and safe (because when you don’t feel good, you don’t feel good).

What can we learn from Aaron Paul’s style?

How to wear the unbuttoned shirt

How to wear the unbuttoned shirtJeff Kravitz

A flowered shirt It can be a great tool to look cool and casual, but keep in mind that the amount of buttons you leave open can make you go from looking good to looking ridiculous.

The best solution? Aaron Paul leave almost all the buttons open, but knowing that, if that is going to be the case, a T-shirt should be worn under the shirt, preferably one that is well adjusted so that the look looks more arranged and intentional.

Suits and high collars

Suits and high collarsJerod Harris