‘A Silent Place 2’: John Krasinski Responds To Stephen King And His Comments On The Franchise – Movie News

Stephen King has been a true fan of ‘A Silent Place’, so much so that he even had close contact with director John Krasinski, who finally detailed his interaction with the established horror author.

Now that A Silent Place: Part 2 has reached some cinemas around the world (in Mexico it has its premiere in IMAX theaters), John Krasinski has once again become a very sought-after man, being the director and writer of the film. One of the fans that the filmmaker won with his idea about a post-apocalyptic world, in which any noise can be deadly, was the novelist Stephen King, famous for being the author of countless literary works that have become classics of horror.

In 2018 King wrote on his Twitter account: “A quiet place is extraordinary work. Excellent acting, but the main thing is the silence, and how it makes the camera’s eye go wide in a way that few movies achieve. “ this in relation to how much he enjoyed the experience of the first movie. Now, Krasinski has finally given a public response to the praise and not only that, but he has also given more details about the contact he had with the writer, ensuring that the communication also took place through emails.

“What I think of his writing is that it’s always ‘the world’ first, it’s always ‘the characters’ first. He really puts that vibe on you,” John commented to Cinema Blend. The director explained a little more about the cyber encounter, assuring that “the response to the first film was so overwhelming […]. Being from Boston and a fan of hers, he was not only incredibly nice publicly, but We then had an email exchange where he was very specific about what he loved about the movie and I was totally and completely blown away. I have not accepted his Red Sox tickets, but I definitely will one day, “concluded the actor who gained popularity thanks to his participation in The Office.

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‘A Silent Place: Part 2’ has received good reviews.

Stephen’s appreciation for John was so inordinate that he even offered him tickets to a Red Sox baseball game, something the filmmaker refused to accept at the time. And is that A place in silence has received so much praise from celebrities and the general public that Paramount was willing to expand the title by endorsing its sequel, which has also enjoyed very positive reviews. The movement could seem risky, taking into account that many times the second parts tend to lose a certain freshness, but everything seems to indicate that this was not the case for the film starring Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy.

Emily Blunt returns to the leading role in ‘A Quiet Place: Part 2’.

It is even probable that A place in silence have a third partyAt least that’s what Emily Blunt hinted at in a recent interview. Without a doubt we are facing the emergence of a new horror film classic that will probably last for generations, at least that is the feeling that the first part left and that was confirmed with the second. A Silent Place: Part 2 premieres in theaters in Mexico on June 10, 2021.