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‘A silent place: Part 2’ had John Krasinski back in the direction, he even had a sequence at the beginning as Lee, however, for the confirmed third part he will not be in front and Jeff Nichols will replace him.

We know that the third part of A Silent Place will happen, because Paramount Pictures confirmed the creation of another film in the saga. A significant change will come with this installment with the departure of John Krasinski from the direction, without leaving aside that he will not be in charge of the script either and it will be Jeff Nichols’ job to reshape the next film. Several weeks after the announcement, John finally broke the silence and says he is satisfied with the choice of his successor.

In an interview for Empire, The Office star revealed that there is no better filmmaker to take over the next installment of A place in silence: “The truth is that the only person I had in mind when they asked me if I would deliver this was Jeff. I think he is one of the best filmmakers, Mud is one of my favorite movies, very real and intimate. It is exactly the type of paints that we apply to A place in silence: very organic characters that you fall in love with. So he was my first choice for this, and when he said yes, I loved it. “

On the other hand, Krasinski commented that the idea for the expansion of the story after the events of A Silent Place: Part 2 is his, but the script was entirely in charge of Nichols and he even developed it: “I told him my story, he went off and developed the world on his own from that starting point and I’m very excited. In fact, he is now submitting a script and I absolutely loved it; I can’t wait to see him record this thing. “

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‘A place in silence’ has already confirmed its third part.


After the success of A place in silence Paramount Pictures decided that it was a good idea to expand this horror universe with another film, but at the beginning John Krasinski revealed that he did not want to get involved in this matter: “I had no intention of doing a sequel because the first movie was incredibly personal to me. And, curiously, I am a member of the audience rather than a writer, director or actor. So I’m also a scary guy when it comes to aftermath and didn’t want it to be a big regurgitated thing. And then I said no, “said John in an interview for Cinema Blend.

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Since it is wise to change your mind, Krasinski began to think about what could happen in the sequel and finally found a story that he liked so much that he decided to embark on the challenge of creating A Silent Place: Part 2. “What happened was that my organic participation in the film was Millie Simmonds and this idea of ​​making her the main character, not only because it is incredible, but also because that is the continuation of the metaphor of the first one ”, he pointed out.

So, with all this in mind, the fact that John Krasinski is not for the third installment of A place in silence It seemed a matter of time and now another director comes to take the lead. For now it is not known if the next film will follow the conventional story or if it is a spin-off, But at least it is already known that it will premiere on March 31, 2023.