A new sci-fi drama? Benedict Cumberbatch and Laura Dern have it

Laura Dern and Noah Jupe will join Benedict Cumberbatch in Justin Kurzel’s upcoming sci-fi flick Morning.

Kurzel’s next film will take place in the near future and will focus on a society that has eliminated the need for sleep thanks to a pill that erases essential human need. This, along with an artificial sun, has put the world in eternal day, but as the first generation not to experience the dream comes of age, they will rise up to reclaim the dream world.

Morning will tell a story that focuses on our ideas of productivity, power, and the importance of dreaming. This movie comes at a time when generational tensions are high. With Generation Z, a generation born into the chaos of a post-9/11 world now coming of age, questions of lost dreams and an unsustainable focus on productivity to the point of constant surveillance are certainly issues. conducive to discussion.

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Laura Dern, who previously starred in HBO’s Big Little Lies, will play Cathy, once a defender of a sleepless world, now sees the world she created crumbling around her. As she and her son Danny, played by Noah Jupe, work to recover from the deaths of her husband and father Frank, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, their world, once a utopian ending, becomes much more complicated. As they process their grief, they discover that their son Danny is being drawn into the underworld of dreamers. Now Cathy must fight to save her son.

Morning is directed by Justin Kurzel, an Australian filmmaker who previously directed the 2021 film Nitram, which was nominated for a Palme d’Or. Morning was written by writer Sam Steiner. The script was picked up by Cumberbatch’s film producer SunnyMarch and Adam Ackland.

A release date for the film has not yet been set. @worldwide