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Senile dementia is one of the recurring themes in the cinema, so much so that we can consider it as a subgenre within the drama, for example, in the last Oscar installment, Anthony Hopkins was awarded for his powerful portrayal of a man in a very serious phase. advanced disease in The father – 100% Florian Zeller. In general, these types of films do not go unnoticed in festival or award seasons, and they are conducive to acting, as in Un amor memorable – 100% (Supernova), second feature film as director of actor Harry Macqueen.

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Like his debut feature, Hinterland, A memorable love is an intimate film that takes the protagonists on a journey through the English countryside on a journey that is also emotional. Although that film had two actors, Macqueen being one of them, his second work premiered in the competition of the San Sebastián Film Festival, it has a larger acting staff, but supported by two actors at the peak of their talent: Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci. The film has not left the specialists indifferent, who highlight the great emotion present in this sober British drama.

Sam and Tusker have been a couple for 20 years. Sam (Firth) is a pianist. Tusker (Tucci), writer. They travel across England in their old van visiting friends, family and places from their past. Since Tusker was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in its early stages two years ago, the time they spend together is the most important thing they have.

As we anticipated, the press has praised the formidable performances of Colin Firth Y Stanley Tucci, a couple of actors in good shape and at the same level who do not need shrillness or extreme situations to show their dramatic heights, in this sense, journalists point out that it is precisely the script, also signed by Harry Macqueen, which has allowed them to show highly subtle interpretations that emotionally impact the viewer.

The specialists appreciate that the drama does not fall into sentimentality, avoiding the use of unnecessary flourishes, on the contrary, it is committed to containment and sensitivity to shape a story that is already brutal when dealing with the issue of mortality, love, loss and physical-mental degradation.

Although the reviewers warn that the film lacks the element of surprise, this does not constitute a weakness in itself for most, and it is that, what it lacks in depth, it gains in emotion and in an impeccable direction, precise in its background more than in its form.

Discreet, but deeply poetic, A memorable love – 100% is, finally, a sincere and gentle work on what one is willing to do for the people we love. A road movie of redemption that will draw a tear or another. Here are some of the reviews we got:

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Diego Batlle from The nation:

… sensitive road movie capable of moving with nobility and humanistic spirit …

Luke Channell de HeyUGuys:

… manages to avoid over-sentimentality by virtue of Macqueen’s rigorously written script that explores the themes of love, memory, and mortality with delicate subtlety.

Nicola Austin of JumpCut Online:

A beautifully tender and deeply moving portrait of love and loss as a couple embraces the debilitating effects of irreparable illness.

Kelechi Ehenulo of Confessions From A Geek Mind:

… is a heartbreaking examination on dementia and gradual loss of self.

Andrew Collins de Radio Times:

The story lacks an element of surprise, but getting there is a path worth taking, and Firth and Tucci are in top form.

Ian Freer de Empire:

What it lacks in cinematic breadth it makes up for in well-deserved emotional depth, courtesy of a delicate script and two subtle but elevated performances by Firth and Tucci.

Enrique Morales Lastra placeholder image of Cinema and Culture:

Director Harry Macqueen offers us a work in which the achievements of his script stand out, and the superlative performances of Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci.

Carlos Loureda of Frames:

Pure classic cinema, without frills, in the vein of the best British filmography focused on great performances and solid scripts.

Juan Pablo Cinelli of Page 12:

… this second directorial job by British actor Harry Macqueen is sober, precise and, above all, emotional in its substance and not in its form. And that has a lot to do with the modestly superb works of the leading couple, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci.

Dan Barnes of Battle Royale With Cheese:

It is a sincere, gentle and charming look at the things we do for those we love …

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