A Little Favor: Reasons to Watch the Netflix Premiere with Blake Lively

Blake Lively y Anna Kendrick son Emily y Stephanie en A little favor.


2. The subtlety and sympathy of Anna Kendrick

It is easy to relate to Anna Kendrick with comedy. Known for Pitch Perfect, He has stood out over the years for making us smile and even several laughs within his appearances both on the big screen and on the girl. And for that reason, it stands out as the perfect complement to Emily Nelson. His acting as Stephanie Smothers, a single mother from the suburbs, gives us the comic notes and a remarkable change in the character’s narrative the moment she loses her best friend. Stephanie’s transformation confirms her chameleon role Anna Kendrick to be able to demonstrate the mystery and enigma behind Emily’s disappearance, starting with an enthusiastic and cheerful housewife (Blake Lively’s role counterpart) and her transformation upon meeting her friend and trying at all costs to find her.

3. Comedy vs. suspense?

Really find a thriller That it subjects you to the mystery and the depths of a narrative that you know can change at any moment is something that we love, but we usually see it in the movies of the genre. Nevertheless, A little favorIt has the particularity of bringing together two cinematographic genres that we could think of as completely opposite: suspense and comedy. The comic dyes make their appearance through Stephenie herself in her role ‘navie’, but also through secondary characters (highlighting the scene of Sugenja Sri) to give us a somewhat lighter and easier narrative to cope with while the initial question reverberates in our heads: What happened to Emily?

4. From novel to the big screen

It is true that too many film scripts find their inspiration in outstanding and proven novels in the world of literature. Of course, A little favor, is no exception and has the adaptation of the homonymous novel written by Darcey Bell, which stood out in sales after its publication in 2017.

5. Inspiration from costume design

Renee Ehrlich Kalfus, was the designer in charge of leaving us several looks that without a doubt any working woman want in your closet already. The paper of Blake Lively, not only gives a great impression of the actress’s acting ability, it also confirms her status as a contemporary style icon with looks to be replicated for which the designer herself was inspired by various celebs What Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Madonna. Although Blake Lively She takes the palms in each of her outfits, Stephanie’s (Anna Kendrick) style is extremely remarkable when you see how she evolves as the plot unfolds; where the designer herself found her inspiration in her own mothers instagramers.

6. The glamor of a mysterious character

‘Buttoned, three-piece suit, bow tie, pocket square, cufflinks,’ he described Blake Lively explained to his character, whose inspiration lies in the director himself (Paul Feig). Exalting the importance of fashion for the narrative of any story, we can mention that each outfit is strategically designed to represent the mysticism and enigma of the character perfectly represented by the Californian actress.

Emily Nelson is portrayed by Blake Lively in A little favor.


7. A thriller directed by a comedy ‘giant’

When we hear the name of Paul Feig, we probably have it completely associated with comedy television. The renowned director has stood out for directing (and producing) successful comic series such as The Office, Freaks and Geeks, Weeds and Arrested Development. However, his approach to drama and mystery in A little favor, leaves us as a result a quite peculiar and outstanding ‘dramedia’.

8. Its streaming premiere

We have to mention what is probably the simplest and simplest reason of all: the arrival of A Little Favor to Netflix as part of one of the most anticipated releases of May. And, its premiere this Thursday 20, gives us the reason and the perfect pretext (in conjunction with the previous 7) to see this enigmatic once and for all thriller that promises to leave us without breathing, yes, with the promise of only being able to do it by releasing the occasional laugh.