A day like today: July 9

A day like today. Stock Photo

On a day like today, July 9, but 2011, the Argentine singer-songwriter Facundo Cabral is murdered by unknown men in Guatemala

Good day
So be it!
The Rooster already sang
It’s already FRIDAY, July 9
Greetings from the South of Monterrey


Mexico needs us UNITED TO2

Santoral: Blanca, Cirilo

1441 The Dutch painter Jan Van Eyck, considered one of the best Northern European painters of the 15th century, dies in Bruges (Belgium).
1764 British writer Ann Radcliffe is born, creator of the Gothic novel “The Mysteries of Udolfo”, “Adventures in the Forest” and “The Italian”.
1877 Inventors Alexander Graham Bell and Gardiner Greene Hubbard create the Bell Telephone Company, later to become what is now AT&T.
1894 The Mexican composer Juventino Rosas, author of the world-famous waltz “On the waves” dies in Cuba, which, due to its quality, was thought to have been composed in Austria. He is the author of 32 pieces, including dances, polkas, mazurcas and chotis.
1911 Madero promotes his candidacy and launches a manifesto that proposes the formation of the Progressive Constitutional Party.
1918 Alí Chumacero, Mexican editor and poet, is born in Nayarit.
1920 General Pancho Villa decides to lay down his arms after Carranza’s assassination and Huerta’s appointment as interim president.
1922 The building that houses the Ministry of Public Education was inaugurated.
1922 The Spanish actress Angelines Fernández is born. Lives many years in Mexico. He works in films with “Cantinflas” and Arturo de Córdova, forming part of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. She plays “Doña Cleotilde” (The Witch of 71) in “El Chavo del 8”.
1932 King Camp Gillette, American industrialist and inventor, maker of the razor blade, dies in the city of Los Angeles (USA).
1933 Oliver Wolf Sacks is born, he was a British neurologist and writer. The author of numerous best sellers, his 1973 book Awakenings, an autobiographical account of his efforts to help victims of encephalitis lethargica regain proper neurological function, was adapted for film in 1990 with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. as protagonists.
1936 The Sembradores de Amistad de Monterrey club is founded on the initiative of its former president, Mr. Manuel Barragán, and Mr. Joel Rocha, Mr. Andrés Chapa, Mr. Ignacio A. Santos, and other enthusiasts from Monterrey. This community service organization created the Red Cross.
1942 In Amsterdam (Holland), Anne Frank and her family go into hiding by hiding in a secret annex located in an old building on the Prinsengracht
1955 Adolfo de la Huerta, interim President of Mexico, dies in 1920, after the triumph of the Agua Prieta rebellion that deposed Venustiano Carranza.
1956 American actor, filmmaker, screenwriter and producer Tom Hanks is born.
1962 Georges Bataille, French writer, anthropologist and thinker, dies.
1971 The co-founder of Netscape Communications Corporation and co-author of Mosaic, Marc Andreessen, one of the first web browsers with a graphical interface, is born.
1976 The new and current Municipal Palace of Monterrey is inaugurated, popularly known as the ‘Palacio de Cristal’, located on La Macroplaza or Great Plaza.
1979 The American Voyager 2 probe passes 0.57 million kilometers from Jupiter; discovers that the planet has rings and transmits photos of its satellites.
1990 The playwright, director, actor, critic and producer of Mexican theater Luis Gonzaga Basurto, author of more than 30 plays, among which are: “The candidate of God”, “Each one his life” and “Faustina” dies. .
2005 The giant panda “Tai Shan” is born at the Washington DC National Zoo.
2011 Argentine singer-songwriter Facundo Cabral is assassinated by unknown men in the Guatemalan capital while on his way to La Aurora International Airport.

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