8 niche perfumes for which you will want to leave your fragrances of always

When it comes to perfumes, we are usually quite cautious. We stick to the more familiar scents, we experiment because maybe we liked how it smelled on someone else and we are usually always guided by fragrances that are endorsed by big fashion houses. It is so. And there is nothing wrong with it, but if you are a little tired of meeting people who wear the same perfume, you may be interested in what we will tell you next so that your aroma is a very unique one.

There are perfumes for all kinds of occasions and stages in life, we even have a list of the best to take on a date, but until today we had not talked about it. growing niche perfume market. Very particular and practically exclusive fragrances that, unlike the most recognized perfumes, are produced on a smaller scale, they are not available in all makeup and perfumery stores that we can know and their names are not the best known. All of this information may not sound very appealing right off the bat, but it does these peculiar perfumes urge the adventure of new and different aromas, better research and test them before rejecting them outright.

If we’ve experimented with aphrodisiac perfumes, trying new scents doesn’t sound crazy either. This new stage of your life may be in need of a fresh fragrance to accompany you and you will surely find a delicious invisible friend in these niche perfumes.

Pink lipstick

Lipstick Rose eau de parfum, by Frédéric Malle.

© Courtesy Frédéric Malle.

Labeling a perfume brand as famous and niche feels like an oxymoron, but that’s exactly what Frédéric Malle is. Malle, a world-renowned French nose, has cultivated a collection of fragrances that generate desire and excitement in equal measure. People have their opinions on which ones are the best, but Lipstick Rose stands out for a long time. The initial powdery scent is just the beginning, but ultimately it will flirt with your skin before settling into its special vibe of grapefruit, violet, rose, iris, raspberry, vanilla, and white musk.

Berlin muse

La Fille de Berlin eau de parfum, by Serge Lutens.

© Courtesy Serge Lutens.

According to Serge Lutens’ website, he himself considers that the perfume making process is an art, not a job, something you’ll instantly understand the moment you smell any of their remarkable fragrance masterpieces made in France. The Berlin Girl It starts with rose, but more unorthodox additions like violet, musk, plus pink and black pepper, reveal the thorns of this flower. Berlin diva Marlene Dietrich is rumored to be the inspiration for this fragrance.


1996 eau de parfum, by Byredo.

© Courtesy Byredo.

Founded in 2006 in Stockholm, Byredo is of mesmerizing luxury that will entice you to try them all. Certain scents like Gypsy Water and Mojave Ghost have gained notoriety among beauty and fragrance folks, but without a doubt, 1996A very attractive scent that is often forgotten, it is the firm’s best niche option. It’s warm, mysterious, and just when you think sweet notes like vanilla and amber might be a little too sweet, leather, black pepper, and violet bring it back into balance.

‘olfactory cabinet’

Baccarat Rouge 540 eau de parfum, by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

© Courtesy Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

Established in 2009, Maison Francis Kurkdjian is a relatively new firm in the world of perfume. However, that hasn’t stopped it from quickly becoming one of the most sought-after among perfume connoisseurs and beauty experts. Each bottle is a work of art, expensive and designed to be used as an ‘olfactory closet’. Every scent is a prize, but Baccarat Rouge 540 is in a league of its own. It’s a brilliant collision of flowers, woods, and amber that is sure to satisfy any type of appetite for fragrances.

Mythical love

Fleur de Peau eau de parfum, by Diptyque.

© Courtesy Diptyque.

The Parisian perfume house Diptyque is another brand that has become quite famous despite its niche parameters. Definitely, in their catalog they have some super popular and more mainstream scents such as eau de parfums à la Tam Dao, Do Son and Philosykos, so perhaps it is that Skin Flower highlights. According to the firm, it is a tribute to the mythical love between Psyche and Eros, which led to the birth of their daughter, Hedone. It has undeniably musky DNA, but with juicy hints of iris, ambretolide, and pink peppercorns.

Unisex and vegan

Fragrance 01 Taunt, de DedCool.

© Courtesy DedCool.

Founded and created in Los Angeles in 2016, DedCool it’s, well, a lot more recent than the last one. But it is the latest niche fragrance brand that has truly revolutionized the industry thanks to its small selection of scents that are all unisex, vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. And yes, despite all those hallmarks, it is still imperceptibly elegant. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but Taunt is exactly that. The vanilla and amber in the base make it subtly sweet, but the bergamot drops and cool dew make it sparkle.

Summer cocktail

Windows Down eau de parfum, by Henry Rose.

© Courtesy Henry Rose.

Henry RoseThe brainchild of Hollywood legend Michelle Pfeiffer, it is one of the most overlooked niche fragrance brands that cares the most about the ingredients in its bottles. With 100% transparency when it comes to its formulas, Henry Rose is at the top in terms of safe and sustainable scents. Windows Down is its latest release And it’s a breath of summer, a fresh citrus cocktail.

From conventional to extraordinary

Rose Atlantic eau de parfum, by DS & Durga.

© Courtesy DS & Durga.

Founded by an architect and musician in Brooklyn, New York, the niche fragrance brand DS & Durga was born out of the unusual. ‘We create authentic studies of objects, plants and places in the real world,’ explain the founders on the brand’s website. ‘We weave them into narratives that transport you to distant, material and imaginary places.’ To uncover curiosity, we have Rose Atlantic. A summer complete with salt water, dune grass, white moss and, of course, rose accords.