5 reasons not to miss the HBO series

If you are looking for a funny and intelligent series, you cannot miss Why do women kill. An original series of which two seasons can already be seen on HBO Spain, since the second one premiered on June 4. A cocktail of stories created by Marc Cherry in which sand masterfully mix love, infidelity, betrayal and some crimes.

A series starring women like BigĀ Little Lies O Mrs. America. Then we will give them 5 powerful reasons for you to miss this series.

1. Three stories and three leading women

The first thing that is surprising about this series is that three different stories are told: that of a housewife from the sixties, that of a high society woman of the eighties and that of a brilliant lawyer from 2018. The point of union is that it is about three women from different eras who deal with infidelity or betrayal in their marriages in the same house, an impressive mansion that, however, only brought them misfortunes.

Why do women kill

2. Three unfaithful husbands

These three women when they arrive at the house are totally in love with their husbands but for various circumstances his love disappears forever. Three unfaithful or treacherous husbands in three different times that will ultimately ruin their lives. Three corpses, as recounted by one of the neighbors, who will be transported on a stretcher through the door of the same house. Will they be those of unfaithful husbands? A mystery that hooks viewers from the first season.

3. The role of women in three different decades

The series explains through the three stories how the role of women in society has changed. If the first is a devoted housewife who only lives for her beloved husband, the second is a rich gallery owner who lives with a crazy and elegant husband and the third a brilliant lawyer who has to support her screenwriter husband with little work. The funny thing is that the three women have very similar reactions in the face of betrayal and infidelity …

Why do women kill
Why do women kill

4. A good script

Although at first it is surprising that all three stories are told at the same time, their creator manages to connect them perfectly through some similar situation. The three of them try to keep their environment from knowing the delicate moment their marriage is going through and they try to face their problems alone.

5. Three actresses with character

The series stars three well-known actresses Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu y Kirby Howell-Baptiste. In addition, actors such as Reid Scott, Jack Davenport, Alexandra Daddario, Sam Jaeger and Sadie Calvano participate in the series.