5 James Bond Tips Every Man Should Know To Dress Well This Summer

In addition to having all kinds of state-of-the-art items, handling weapons and vehicles, as well as having the most beautiful women, James Bond has a great style of dressing, so no one better than the world’s most popular secret agent to show us its secrets and thus impeccable plastering during this summer.

Here are the top five James Bond tips for dressing perfectly this hot season.

1. Polo shirt

Sean Connery shot several scenes as James Bond on the beach, so he wore a polo shirt to keep cool without losing the elegance. The renowned agent accompanied her with pants in the same color, which has become an outfit that does not go out of style every summer. Try it.

2. Safari jacket

We saw this type of jacket in Roger Moore and it is very versatile, since it can go with jeans, dress pants and you can even wear a jacket with it. Another superiority is that it can be styled when it is hot or a bit cool.

3. Goodbye to the tie

Timothy Dalton wore a light shirt with a temperature-appropriate suit and of course no tie, which will keep you much cooler and even give you a more cuddly appearance. So this can be a good trick for this summer.

4. Open shirt

Pierce Brosnan showed us a more relaxed image of James Bond by wearing the open shirt. If you don’t want your chest hair to show, you can wear a cotton T-shirt to go for a drink at a bar, for a walk on the beach or for an informal gathering.

5. Shorts short

Daniel Craig used this garment that was fashionable in the 70s and is now back. So if this summer you go to the beach or enjoy in a pool, do not hesitate to use them to flagrate your good physique.