4 definitive keys by which ‘New Amsterdam’ can be the worthy replacement of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The fiction starring Ryan Eggold has become one of the most watched medical titles since its premiere on Netflix.

New Amsterdam, the new medical series of the moment, has arrived on television as a breath of fresh air within the genre. Are you one of those who has recently become hooked on fiction since Netflix included it in its section of series to watch? If the answer is yes, you will know that its protagonist, characters and plot hook you from minute one. This might sound very familiar to us; so much so that it could remind you of the initial success it had Grey’s Anatomy at the beginning of the 2000s, with a very young Ellen Pompeo and endless love affairs, late heart attacks and cases taken from another dimension.

But the end of Grey’s Anatomy is near; it is a fact. The statements of its protagonist, as well as the development of the season 17 they are a clear example of this. But don’t panic, because New Amsterdam is close to becoming his worthy successor, and then we show you 5 definitive keys so this is so.

A protagonist at the height of Meredith Gray

If something that is Grey’s Anatomy it is Meredith Grey. The protagonist of this long-lived medical series, starring Ellen Pompeo, has undergone an enormous transformation throughout these 17 seasons. Since her beginnings as an intern, her inopportune appearances in shootings, plane accidents, empty falls into the sea, among others, have made each and every one of the fans of this series love Meredith Gray.

In order for a medical series to be able to become its substitute and to be able to measure up, it must have at least one protagonist at least as incredible as Pompeo’s in fiction; Y Max Goodwin is. The medical director of the hospital has the perfect ingredients to be that pillar that supports a series and that in each episode you want to know what is going to become of him. In addition to Goodwin’s argumentative thread, which is based on the true story of the New York doctor Eric Manheimer, the actor who brings this role to life, Ryan Eggold, is the perfect candidate to take over from Pompeo.

But, if there is something that Mer has suffered in this series, it is losses. Starting with her mother, through her best friend and sister, to that catastrophic and traumatic farewell with her husband Dereck Shepherd. Will Max live up to the ups and downs of this protagonist? The answer is yes. From his severe illness that almost cost him his life, to the recent loss of his wife. Max and Mer, soul mates separated at birth.

The secret life of protagonist Ryan Eggold

Stories with soul and great potential

If there is something you breathe in New Amsterdam it is authenticity, and that is because his creation is based on memoirs of Dr. Eric Manheimer, Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital, who is also part of the series as a producer.

5 keys to season 5

This could be one of the great differentiating details with Grey’s Anatomy, although on numerous occasions its creator Shonda Rhimes the current showrunner, Krista Vernoff, the series is inspired by numerous cases taken from real life. However, the veracity of the facts and knowing that many of the cases and situations that the protagonist experiences have been experienced by Manheimer in real life. make the serial take an added value compared to Gray.

The key beginning of a love triangle

Who does not remember the impossible love story between Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) Y Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), which had its end in ‘Losing faith’ (2×27); the wedding of Cristina Yang | (Sandra Oh) y Owen Hunt (Kevin McKid) at Meredith’s or Leslie’s comings and goings (Chyler Leigh) Y Mark Sloan (Eric Dane). All those mythical and classic love stories of the series have been accompanying the viewer for long seasons, and still continue, but the only and unmatched relationship of this series, without any doubt, is the one formed by Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith. This couple has become one of the iconic ones on television, not only in medical series, so much so that the reunion Between both characters it has been the most anticipated by each and every one of the viewers (although obviously not in the way that everyone wanted).

Getting over a relationship like this is going to be very difficult. However, Although New Amsterdam began much calmer in this sense, the unexpected death of the protagonist’s wife has made the love triangles and the messes between guard and guard begin to come to light. An example of this is the first beginnings of a more than friendly approach between Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) and Max, who must be added Cassian (Daniel Dae Kim), the new addition from the season 2 finale.

The future love stories of New Amsterdam

Catastrophic endings where they are

Catastrophic moments are the mark of the house of Grey’s Anatomy, from a psychopath shooting left and right through the corridors of Gray Sloan Hospital, fires, plane accidents, city collapses and ferry accidents … The characters of the series created by Rhimes they have lived through all kinds of misfortunes, and the last one more real than ever: the coronavirus.

While it’s true that the high-voltage endings came as the series picked up pace in seasons three and four, New Amsterdam He has already given the occasional scare to his followers. First with the ambulance accident of season 1, which left all the fans of the protagonist and his baby in suspense, such as the plane crash they had to face later, and finally, the effects of the current pandemic. There have been no massive losses and tears at the Gray level yet, but time to time.