2016 Oscar Nominees for Best Supporting Actor

February always meant Oscar. With the entry into the second month of the year, pools, cheers, bets and predictions about what will happen at the Dolby Theater in the 88th edition of the awards granted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In Macguffin007 we will not be less. Like every year we will try to think like academics and predict award winners in interpretive categories. We start with the Best Supporting or Supporting Actor at the Oscars 2016.

Although it is not as closed as this category was last year with JK Simmons for ‘Whiplash’, it is true that in recent weeks the balance has been much more tilted in favor of the victory of Sylvester Stallone. The veteran, as an actor rejected by The Academy, is the strongest candidate to win the victory, and not only because of the intrahistory of achieving it with the character that changed his life, but because his performance in ‘Creed‘is fantastic, cute and exciting. Sly is a public and critical favorite (he has won more awards than anyone this season and the Golden Globe reinforces him), and his victory is probably one of the most emotional moments of the night.

When ‘The Bridge of Spies’ was released, many took the victory of Mark Rylance. He won numerous awards during the race, but down the stretch he has lost decisive battles that have made him practically give up against Stallone. He lost the Golden Globe to the latter, and on the 30th the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) did not win, in favor of Idris Elba when not even Stallone was nominated. A last-minute victory at the BAFTAs can spice up and tighten the fight with Stallone.

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars 2016.

Christian Bale He is one of the most respected actors in the industry, who has also become in the last decade a revered of The Academy (3 nominations and an award in the last 6 years). His nomination is not surprising and it is not unfair, since his performance in ‘The Big Bet’ is fabulous. However, despite signing an interesting paper and with physical touches in between, his candidacy is overshadowed by the Stallone phenomenon. The win-win effect your film reaps can be a crucial help to your victory on February 28th.

One notch below are the next two actors. The first is Mark Ruffalo, which this year premieres ‘Spotlight’, one of the favorites to win the statuette for Best Film. If ‘Spotlight’, by winning the SAG on the 30th and recovering some of the oxygen that was lost by losing the PGA (Producers Union), were the winning film at the Oscars, Ruffalo could be benefited by the wake of this triumph. It is very difficult, but bigger things have been seen at the Oscars, and if not ask ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

Tom Hardy He is the fifth nominee and the man who managed to remove a role like Idris Elba from the shortlist. His nomination is understood again by the phenomenon that has produced the film in which he appears: ‘The Revenant’. Hardy gets his first nomination (and not his last) this year after a very interesting filmography and a great 2015. It is the least feasible option and your nomination is more of an award in itself than a nomination, but again the one that ‘The Revenant’ wins prizes can grant him the privilege of surprise.

What is your favorite?