14 movies like Fast and Furious that we recommend if you have finished with the saga

Fast & Furious has been deepening in the collective imagination during the last decade. His rhythm has been somewhat slower than that of the Marvel factory, but its collection at the box office, used as a health marker, tells us about a franchise that is immersed in its fullness; seated in the audience, comfortable in her position and aware of her role in the film industry. Toretto and company identify with him Slaption o la Ultraction, a type of cinema that focuses on the action sequence transforming it into a continuous escalation of spectacularity and impossible coincidences. A fun that works thanks to the fictional pact that is established with the viewer, who remains subject to the rules of the proposed universe and accepts them naturally as a post of enjoyment.

In this type of cinema we could frame works such as the trilogy of John Wick, Crank or even Kung Fu Panda. But today we are not going to pull down that road, rather, we are going to dive a little in search of tapes that offer us some of the elements that make up this cocktail, that which has ended up being the saga recently renamed as Fast. From feature films dotted by chases to stories in which the car is a fundamental object and scripts that served as inspiration; We will focus on all of that today, on burning gasoline while we travel, at full speed, this route that begins now.

1. Bullitt

We start with a classic by 1968, a film directed by Peter Yates and starring the great Steve MCQueen. A film in which the car takes a special role at a given moment, throwing a chase sequence that is the history of cinema and that continues to work perfectly in the middle of 2021. A detective story that watches the Chicago Crime Syndicate as it sets San Francisco, providing their pursuits with an idyllic setting for the show.

2. Taxi Express

Gerard Pirès started in 1998, to one of the sagas with the greatest automotive presence on the screen. The first installment of Taxi arrived protected by the renowned Luc Besson, who put his hand on the script and took care of the production, generating a very characteristic mix of humor and action. The film puts us in the footsteps of Daniel, a pizza delivery man who sees his dream come true by getting a taxi license, but who will be embroiled in a nationwide heist plot which you must prevent if you want to keep your new job. The success was such that the franchise has come to release 5 deliveries.

3. The Italian Job (1969/2003)

Shortly after Bullitt and a little before Taxi Express, we came across two versions of the same story, with a title that today means “chases and robberies”, the original premise of Fast & Furious. The first, dating from 1969, ran in charge of Peter Collison and puts Michael Caine in the shoes of Charlie Crocker, an ex-con willing to perform a grand robbery in Turin in the middle of a gigantic traffic jam. Now, once the coup is carried out, it is time to leave the country, and both the police and the mafia are on their heels. Impossible chases through narrow recesses that have given much in the cinema.

Several decades later, with the remake established as standard practice in the blockbuster, F. Gary Gary meeting in Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton y Charlize Theron to get back on the road in search of bigger loot. A criminal gang is betrayed by one of its members and in order to recover from the situation they must organize the biggest traffic jam in Los Angeles history. A fast-paced, well-narrated action-chase movie and with a sensational rhythm.

4. Speed

We are still located in the 90s to address Speed, a film that catapulted Keanu Reeves. Action without brakes (allow me the easy joke) and without concessions. Direct and frantic from start to finish, Speed (Jan de Bont) places us on a bus that has been rigged to equip it with a bomb that will explode as soon as the vehicle slows down below 80 kilometers per hour. An impossible forward flight that will keep you glued to the screen during its 115 minutes duration.

5. Death Race

Paul W.S. Anderson (Evil reside) at the address, Jason Statham in front of the cast and a car armed with flamethrowers, grenade launchers and machine guns; the movie describes itself. Death Race (2008) it is action porn, navigate that constant flirtation that Anderson performs with the series B and is not afraid of lust. Cars and violence in abundance in a dystopian world in which the saturation of prisoners has led to the largest television show in the country, the Death Race.

6. The devil on wheels

Steven Spielberg he would go from Colombo to the highway to flirt with terror before handing us Jaws. Devil on Wheels (1971) it caused that, during my childhood, I looked suspiciously at any truck that crossed us on the road. After a simple premise (a man overtakes a tanker causing a championship anger in the road) he hides a movie that is pure highway and a lot of tension. An essential of the director who has the asphalt for flag.

7. The Transporter

We return to France, to Luc Beson and in the late nineties and early two thousand. The success of Taxi made the French filmmaker continue to invest in products related to the automotive world. Frank (Jason Statham), is a transporter, is dedicated to moving goods, in his spectacular Mercedes, from one place to another without asking questions or knowing names. Until one day he runs into a moving package and the problems begin. A film that accelerates from the beginning and does not slow down throughout the entire footage. Its success was such that, like Taxi, it ended up leading to a saga.

8. Mad Max: Fury Road

Or how to take advantage of current technology to make films from thirty years ago. George Miller I returned the load in 2015 and next to Tom Hardy y Charlize Theron delivered us an exquisite road and action movie. Fury Road is a circus show that keeps rising all the way to the end. An ode to the motor dressed in western-punk, rigorous, unanswerable and committed to its message, a pure action show backed by an imposing visual power and a story as simple as it is elegant. The artifice is reserved for the carom, for the impossible maneuver and the brutality of the accidents. A fun as playful as it is intense that every movie or motor fan should see.

9. Biker Boyz

Reggie Rock Bythewood led in 2003 this film that only intended to live off the slipstream created by Toretto and company. It is, without a doubt, the worst film on the list, but it represents like no other what the revolution created by Fast & Furious, a sample of its generational character. The plot follows the trail of Kid (Derek Luke), the best friend of son Smoke (Laurence Fishburne), president of a motorcycle club and great racing legend. In this way he embarks on the continuous showcase of motorcycles while trying, on the other hand, takes the bands and tuning of Fast & Furious to the world of motorcycles. The result is as curious as it is uncomfortable, and he seems to be unable to find the keys to the biker culture at any time, but it puts a Suzuki Hayabusa on the screen, and that in 2003 had a lot of value for those of us who were aware of the current situation of the two wheels.

10. Speed Racer

The Wachowski sisters they appeared in 2008 with this adaptation of Mach GoGoGo (Meteor in these parts), the anime which in turn adapted the manga original de Tatsuo Yoshida. The film was not well received by either the public or the critics. His excessive use of CGI generated much rejection, a creative license that seems to want to achieve the flexibility of animation in live-action cinema. The result is a colorful visual spectacle of Impossible car stunts that passionately embrace the absurdity of your universe’s physics and uses it to set a certain tone cartoon. Cars, action and a lot of speed in the most particular job on this list.

11. Gone in 60 Seconds (60 segundos)

Here we must deal, as with The Italian Job, the classic film and the remake of the early 2000s. From the start, in 1974, H. B. Halicki was positioned as producer, screenwriter, director and protagonist of the film that concerns us. In the 70s, the persecutions sold, and the car as a popular object representative of the peak of capitalism, sold even more (Bullitt marked the way). So the good of Halicki embarked on this story that tells us about a car thief who must get hold of 48 classic vehicles while avoiding falling into the hands of the police and then being able to resell. Its main attraction is that features one of the longest chases in movie history.

The 2000, immersed in his indefiniteness, and in that action so cool that he looked at John Woo and tried to imitate his aestheticism without much success, he gave us this other remake starring Nicolas cage. The tape, beyond the title, has little to do with the original. Its main strength is in the cast, which continues with Angelina Jolie, Giovanni Ribisi, Robert Duvall and Delroy Lindo, among others. Rendall Raines, having left his past behind, He must embark on the robbery again to save his brother’s life by taking over 50 high-end vehicles. Cage was starting his downhill.

12. Ronin

John Frankenheimer (in 1998) put in charge of the cast of this film Robert de Niro and Jean Reno. A plot starring a group of mercenaries who, like ronin, sell their services to the highest bidder. For the work that occupies them, they must take care of a mysterious suitcase whose contents are unknown. An action thriller set in Europe with chases as spectacular as they are true and spectacular stunt work. An essential for anyone who likes to see a good chase on screen.

13. Baby Driver

Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim against the world) gave us, in 2017, this romantic story that play to make their cars dance to the rhythm of a musical. With a very particular tone and an enviable narrative economy, the film follows in the footsteps of Baby, a young but expert driver specialized in escapes. Everything goes wrong when the protagonist decides to put an end, out of love, to the life he had been leading up to now. There begins a dance of chases and spectacular scenes punctuated by an incredible soundtrack.

14. Drive

A film that, in a way, pigeonholedRyan Gosling in his role as a serious and taciturn man, but that is another love letter to the world of driving. Nicolas Winding Refn stepped behind the camera and transported us to the introspective world of Driver, a mechanic and specialist driver who aspires to be a pilot and who has only two passions: cars and his recently known neighbor. A tape that features uA slow, contemplative pace that blends wonderfully with your sudden adrenaline bursts that take place when the protagonist gets behind the wheel. It’s found at the antipodes of Fas & Furious, but share his love for the motor.

Bonus track: Le llaman Bodhi (Point Break)

They call him bodhi, directed by Kathryn Bigelow and premiered in 1991, It is the germ of the saga that has motivated this list. The first installment of Fast & Furious is still a transcript of this film who was following in the footsteps of a young FBI agent who must infiltrate a gang of robbers to try to unmask them. Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze emulate the relationship between O’Conner and Toretto in the first installment. A good film that is interesting beyond its relationship with the saga, but that becomes essential for fans of Fast & Furious who want to dive into the origins of the franchise.