10 Sci-Fi Movies You Must See If You Like Star Wars

There are many iconic pieces of film that connect with audiences on a fundamental level, but it’s hard to beat the level of fandom that is associated with Star Wars . George Lucas’s influential science fiction film has spawned a vast universe and inspired countless other films to dedicate themselves to telling similar stories. The science fiction genre is so versatile because it is able to make its own rules and travel to places never seen before.

There is a level of freedom associated with science fiction that can often be absent in other film genres. Science fiction continues to push boundaries and make the impossible seem possible. There are some great movies in the same genre that should satisfy fans of Star Wars .

10 Star Trek (2009) goes where no one has gone before and blazes trails along the way

The franchise of Star Trek is almost 50 years old, and yet it’s going strong with a host of new TV series and more attempts to get another feature film on the way. Modern Star Movies Trek , led by JJ Abrams, are an interesting counterpoint to the saga of Star Wars , but actually any movie of Star Trek It should hook sci-fi fans.

Modern films do not shy away from extensive action scenes in space, but they continue to unravel philosophical and personal dilemmas, reminding audiences that these stories are about the unique people who travel through space.

9 Paul Atreides of Dune is on a journey comparable to that of the Skywalkers

Dune Frank Herbert’s is such a dense collection of sci-fi books that it’s frankly surprising that a big-budget blockbuster with stars like Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya and Jessica Chastain is imminent. Denis Villeneuve’s next film should please sci-fi fans, but the 1984 film remains a curious experiment.

Dune by David Lynch is not perfect, but stands out for the world it creates and the epic journey that Paul Atreides tackles. Lynch was briefly in consideration to direct Return of the jedi , which means that Dune could be the closest look at what your version of could be Star Wars .

8 Jupiter Ascending creates a rich universe perfect for an extended franchise

The Wachowskis are some of the most exciting and ambitious visual film directors working today. His trilogy of Matrix It continues to be acclaimed, but each of its films unfolds new and fascinating worlds. Jupiter Ascending tells a story about unexpected royalty and beauty in the mundane, but it also feels like the filmmaker duo’s own version of Star Wars.

Jupiter Ascending it establishes a vast galaxy of planets and the bureaucracy that rules them all. The Wachowskis are sometimes guilty of excess, which is occasionally present in Jupiter Ascending, but it’s a rarity that still demands to be seen.

7 Guardians of the Galaxy is the perfect mix of sci-fi, comedy and adventure

The introduction by James Gunn of Star-Lord and the rest of the titular Guardians, as well as the cosmic side of the MCU, has been one of the greatest successes of this cinematic universe.

Like The war of the galaxies, guardians of the galaxy It is made up of a team of unlikely heroes who travel throughout the universe to fulfill their goal and take down the bad guys. The same sense of adventure and action can be found in both The War of the galaxies like in Guardians , only the latter also has an excellent sense of humor.

6 Spaceballs Filters George Lucas ‘Classic Through Mel Brooks’ Unparalleled Comedy

Mel Brooks has built a renowned career on his absurd and fearless sense of humor. Many of Brooks’s films are considered outright classic comedies, but it’s easy to forget that most of his films are extreme exercises in genre parody.

Spaceballs It’s not just Brooks’s deconstruction of the science fiction genre, but it specifically focuses on Star Wars for most of the history of Spaceballs . Spaceballs It’s not Brooks’s best work, but it’s full of incredible gags and some of his silliest characters. It’s a ridiculous and satisfying change of pace for fans of the George Lucas movies.

5 Moon is a methodical character study that embraces tough science fiction

Duncan Jones is a progressive filmmaker who increasingly tackles bigger stories, but his first foray into science fiction, Moon , it is still one of the director’s best jobs. The story, isolating and claustrophobic, almost seems like a play.

The film is set on a space station as Sam Rockwell’s Sam Bell performs his solo work. Suddenly, this dynamic is broken when Sam receives a very unexpected visitor that forces him to face tough questions about his identity and the nature of individuality. It’s a smart and restrained sci-fi movie.

4 2001: A Space Odyssey explores the wonders of the cosmos

It’s hard to talk about major science fiction movies without paying attention to 2001: An Odyssey of the space by Stanley Kubrick . All of Kubrick’s filmography is full of groundbreaking cinema that spans various genres and themes.

Kubrick’s approach to science fiction is deeply cerebral. He prides himself on confusing visuals and philosophical questions that provide a very different perspective on the infinite nature of space and how humanity fits into the equation. 2001 is a much higher experiment than Star Wars , but there are still points in common between the two films.

3 The Last Starfighter turns an ordinary boy into an extraordinary sci-fi hero

Successful children’s movies have to have a hero that young audiences can imagine as themselves. Star Wars It features a group of personable people who stand up to the Empire, but still feel a bit removed from any ordinary child.

The Last Starfighter It’s the perfect kind of ’80s movie that gives tremendous power to an unassuming hero, who in this case is an especially good guy at video games. The last Starfighter It’s an excellent subversion of a fish out of water story, but it’s also gleefully infused with the sci-fi and action tropes of the decade.

2 Blade Runner highlights Harrison Ford’s versatility as a sci-fi protagonist

Ridley Scott has directed dozens of proven films, but his forays into science fiction have resulted in some of the director’s most successful work. . Blade Runner It often sounds like a long sci-fi tonal poem, and what it loses in its story it makes up for in its impressive production design.

The world of Blade Runner ‘s feels as deep as that of Star Wars. Its futuristic setting could convince fans of The War of the Galaxies But they should also find comfort in Harrison Ford’s stoic portrayal of the troubled Deckard Shaw. Deckard is a very different sci-fi hero from Han Solo from Star Wars.

1 James Cameron creates magic and wonder through Pandora from Avatar

James Cameron is a director who has been selective with his filmography, but each of his new projects showcases innovative technology that really helps the medium evolve. Cameron is no stranger to science fiction, but in the last decade he has increasingly focused on his growing universe. Avatar .

Cameron still promises at least three more movies by Avatar that will expand Pandora and beyond in ways that should seem revolutionary. The magic of Avatar and the dazzling worlds and creatures that inhabit it don’t necessarily connect with everyone, but the film’s success is undeniable.