the astonishing health situation of the United Kingdom

On Regent Street, London, November 20, 2021. TOBY MELVILLE / REUTERS A virus that has been circulating at very high levels for four months (on average 30,000 new infections per day over the last seven days), but much fewer hospitalizations than in previous waves (between 700 and 800 admissions per day, 919 people placed under … Read more

The four best refurbished Android smartphones around 300 euros

A selection of Android smartphones. NICOLAS SIX / THE WORLD Smartphones are reaching maturity, new models now offer little improvement over their predecessors. In contrast, second-hand smartphones aged two or three years are more attractive than ever: high-end models are sold at a third of their price at the exit, those of middle range are … Read more

the WTO ministerial conference victim of the new Omicron variant

A sign announcing the 12th Ministerial Conference, at the headquarters of the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, on November 25, 2021. DENIS BALIBOUSE / REUTERS The World Trade Organization (WTO) had to postpone at the last minute, Friday, November 26, its first ministerial conference in four years in the face of the resurgence of … Read more

Omicron, the new variant, is classified as “of concern” by the WHO

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo (right) and Minister of Health and Social Affairs Frank Vandenbroucke in Brussels on November 26. DIRK WAEM / AFP Travelers wait to check-in for flights to the United States at London’s Heathrow Airport on November 8, 2021. HENRY NICHOLLS / REUTERS The novel coronavirus variant B.1.1.529, first detected in … Read more

At Casablanca airport, the confusion of travelers to France

Mohammed-V International Airport, in Casablanca (Morocco), in July 2020. In October 2021, the Moroccan authorities had already suspended flights to and from Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Russia in cause of the evolution of the health situation in these four countries. ABDELJALIL BOUNHAR / AP There are those who arrived five hours early … Read more

visualize the expected peak of recalls, which should occur in January

By Manon Romain and Léa Sanchez Posted today at 15:57, updated at 16:11 FactualIN ONE GRAPHIC. The majority of French people completed their vaccination schedule at the very beginning of the summer. The demand for booster doses, between five and seven months later, will be at its highest in early January. The Minister of Health, … Read more

In the absence of vaccination, 6th year students will be able to carry out two self-tests per week

A teenage girl receives a dose of Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 in a Vacci’Bus in Aregno, Corsica, on July 22, 2021. PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA / AFP The Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, announced on the morning of Friday, November 26, on France Inter, that the pupils of 6e will have to carry out, from Monday 29 … Read more